My Diva Cup Review

The Diva Cup - The Good, The Bad, and the Hot Mess

Caveat: Dear Mom & Dad (especially Dad…), Read the following post at your own risk. I’d recommend just not, but do what you wish. K thanks. And maybe Faraz. If you could not read either, that would be great.

Originally I was going to name this post, “the Diva Cup is not meant for jumping,” but that seemed like false advertising in the instance that somehow this post went viral, so now it’s just called My Diva Cup Review.

For those of you who don’t know what the Diva Cup is, it’s “a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits low in the vaginal canal, collecting rather than absorbing your menstrual flow.”

Caveat #2: Dear Dad, if you didn’t listen before, now’s probably the best time to stop.

Now where was I? Right. The Diva Cup is not meant for jumping. That’s not 100% true. The Diva Cup is not meant for jumping after wearing it for 10 hours while it’s full, which I realized as I excused myself from a Cardio Pop dance class in the middle of a song, slowly backing my way out of the room keeping my legs as close together as possible. As I walked out of class I recapped the account to my friend and she immediately asked, “what do you think of the Diva Cup?” She’s definitely not the first person to ask, so I figured I might as well make my opinions known to the world. Now let’s get into it.

I first heard about the Diva Cup in an email from a friend to three of us gals with the subject line: “Shameless Endorsement [tmi, fyi, nsfw].” The first person responded within 20 minutes asking, “Detailed follow up question, how difficult is it to remove without getting messy?”

Because that’s what you get when you add tmi, fyi, nsfw to the end of your email subject. All questions are fair game.

The original friend then went into a detailed story about how her first time attempting to get it out she started sweating with anxiety from not being able to get it out. The phrase “I consider grabbing pliers” was used. After grabbing the instructions, she realized she was doing it wrong, figured out the real answer, and from there on she was smooth sailing.

The next day at work I share it with a friend. She immediately ordered one. Within the next month she came back to me explaining that it really was quite wonderful and so long as you find the right position to take it in and out you’re golden.

That was two endorsements for this product that I was weary of from two very close friends; it was time to try out the Diva Cup.

I ordered my own and waited until my time had come to try it.

If you know me in real life you know that I quite often refer to myself as a hot mess. Recently I’ve been told that not quite as many people see me that way (I’m flattered, really), but I assure you, it’s going to be true until the day I die. Such a hot mess over here.

Oh, you wanted proof?

Within the first day or two of wearing it, I sent a text message to original friend that said:

Bought the diva cup. Not 100% sure how I feel about it yet, but I just realized ([at the train station] on the way to the airport) that I don’t have it in – which means my body either ate it, or its in my pants somewhere and I didn’t see it, or its on the bathroom counter for my roommate to find when she gets home. Only me…

Which I very quickly followed with “There’s a blog post in here somewhere.” The response?

that’s a very Chrystina situation…

I’ll save you the back and forth and tell you that I found it while I was on the plane. Pretty much exactly where it was supposed to be, just… higher than I expected.

Now, that’s not necessarily a good or bad thing, just a hot mess story that I felt the need to share with y’all. Mostly because it explains a lot about what you’re dealing with here. So I’ll break it down for you –

Also, if you’re still reading I’m assuming you want the TMI of this situation.

The Facts of the Diva Cup

  • It’s made of the highest quality healthcare grade silicone.
  • It’s reuseable and eco-friendly.
  • Yes, it really looks like a small cup.
  • Yes, it works for people with heavy flows. No, the cup doesn’t overflow. (Confirmed.)
  • You can’t feel it when it’s in (unless you put it in super wrong).
  • Making sure that the cup is fully open once inserted is key.
  • That said, I’m still not 100% sure I’m putting it in far enough. How are you supposed to know if you’re doing things like this right? Life is hard.

The Cons of the Diva Cup

  • You need to have it with you when your period begins in order to make this useful. As someone who is/was constantly hopping on and off planes, that was never the case, so I always ended up needing backup tampons stored in my luggage.
  • The logistics of emptying the Diva Cup are actually pretty tricky if you’re not in the shower, which just can’t always be the case. And I’m not talking about the ick factor. You get over the ick factor. If you’re a girl and you’ve had your period for longer than an hour, you’re already aware of the ick factor. It’s actually moderately fascinating to see exactly how much stuff is in it when you take it out. That might have been TMI? This whole post is probably TMI. Where was I? Right. The logistics of emptying the Diva Cup are tricky. Even if you dump it in the toilet you have to get it from the toilet to the sink without getting anything else dirty. And you need to wash it while you’re still on the toilet. And sometimes the sink just isn’t that close to the toilet. And sometimes you’re at your friends house. And sometimes you’re at your office building. And sometimes you feel like carrying disinfecting wipes with you at all times is the polite thing to do.
    **Update: In a pinch you can use toilet paper to clean it out and then clean it better when you get back to running water later.
  • You have to wash it really well. Which like, if you have patience is probably not super difficult. But I’m not all that patient. There have been a few times that I’m pretty sure there was still soap on it, and that turned out to be moderately itchy. You can apparently boil it in water for a few minutes to clean it as well. I’ll have to try this. I feel bad for the pot.
  • There have been one or two times that I haven’t double checked that the cup was fully open, and it must not have been, causing some leakage. Not badly, just enough to ruin a pair of underwear or two. Which I guess happens sometimes with tampons anyway? It’s just that when it happens with tampons it’s because you left them in longer than you should have. With this you had no warning.
  • I’m convinced it makes you pee slower. Which is only really a bad thing when you’re in the office restroom and trying to get out of there quickly because you know that the person in the stall next to you has been quiet for a while and isn’t moving, so they’re waiting for you to get out of the bathroom before finishing their business.
  • If your method of birth control is the Nuva Ring, the Ring may have to go in before your period is over, which means that you essentially need to stop using the Diva Cup before your period is over, so you still need a backup supply of pads. Which isn’t that bad, it’s just kind of a pain.
    **Update: If you put the ring in first and then the Diva Cup it should work!

The Pros of the Diva Cup

  • You can wear it for 10-12 hours without needing to take it out, and so long as you’re not jumping up and down in a Cardio class after hour 10, you shouldn’t have any problems with that.
  • If for some reason it starts to come out (which pretty much means you didn’t put it in right the first time) you can just push it right back in. It’s not like you need to have another tampon or pad on hand.
  • There are no more problems with smell.
  • It’s eco-friendly because you’re creating less waste.
  • You’re not peeing on a string. (As original friend put so eloquently.)
  • It’s more economical. You can get the Diva Cup on Amazon for $25. Assuming a box of 18 tampons costs $7, even if you try for 4 months you’ve already saved some money.

So where does that leave me? It depends on the day. I’ve been using the Diva Cup for 9 months now. If it’s working for me, I’m happy; if I’m a hot mess, I’m not as happy. I’m going to stick with it for now. I like the company, I like their values, I like that I feel like I’m helping the earth, and the 10-12 hour thing is great. I may switch back to tampons eventually just because variety is the spice of life. Or something like that. After a few months of that I’ll probably switch back to the Diva Cup. I vote that you make the decision for yourself. You now have all the facts and more.

Have you used the Diva Cup? Let me know what you think below.

This was not a sponsored post. All factual information about the Diva Cup was taken from

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  • Ok this is the 3rd review I’ve read on the Diva Cup and the third one I’ve read that says its not that bad. I was interested the first time, intrigued enough to read more about the second and now I’m like ok I should just buy it and try it myself. lol Also I LOL’d like 12 times reading this. I def think I’d be most concerned with taking it out and putting it in high enough. Hmmmmm……I may have to buy this thing.

    • Haha, highly recommend just going for it. Definitely an interesting experience. As for the “high enough” thing, it actually is lower than you think it’s going to be (which is true according to the website even). So in theory, unless you’re me on an airplane, it should always be within reach.

  • SO many thoughts. I’ve been using mine for a while and love it. 1) in a pinch I have just used toilet paper to clean it out and stuck it back in, because job sites sometimes only have portapotties. 2) I have used it with the Nuva Ring, just put the ring in first. 3) I never liked that tampons weren’t regulated like other medical equipment, so something without chemicals and fragrances is so pleasing to me. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    • You literally may have just solved all of my questionable things about it.

  • Whitney H

    I’m definitely curious about it now. Initially I was kind of “hard pass” on the whole situation but I’m definitely interested in trying it now! Also, I’m so happy that you finally confirmed the whole bathroom situation that I suspected for years now. (Waiting until someone is done and gone to resume, waiting in your stall until someone finishes washing their hands… or is that just me?)

    • Yeah. It’s definitely a thing. One day I will write a post on the office etiquette of women’s bathrooms. Which I think would only be interesting to men because I’m pretty sure all women somehow know the rules alreayd.

  • Thanks for sharing. You have me considering this now where as before I was not for it. I’m still kinda worried about the mess factor.

    • Since posting this people have told me about using toilet paper to clean it and really taking advantage of the shower. That said, if you’re someone who the plane situation would happen to, you may need to be a little more cautious. (Like me, but it’s still turned out pretty okay.)

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  • I used to love it, but the last couple of cycles I’ve had a lot of leaking with mine. I think I’m still putting it in right, but who knows. I’ll keep trying because when it’s working it’s amazing! (The ick factor doesn’t bother me at all, and the minor inconveniences of changing it out are definitely overshadowed by the many benefits.)

    • Glad to hear you like it! I hope it starts working for you again soon!