Tips to be a Great Party Hostess featuring Sarah from Pretty Providence

Tips to be a Great Party Hostess featuring Sarah from Pretty Providence

Y’all already know that I’m making the blog conference world tour this year. Well, at Thrive Blog Conference in Houston I had the pleasure of hearing Sarah & Jessica from Pretty Providence speak about working with sponsors. I loved how their talk was so real, broke everything down into smaller steps, and made everything sound approachable. After I left the conference I checked out their blog only to find an entire section on DIY Parties. These are girls after my own heart. Also, they describe their blog as a frugal lifestyle blog, which is also right up my alley.

Today I get to share with you a hostess interview with Sarah from Pretty Providence. She lives in Houston Texas, she’s married with a baby girl, recently discovered a love of thrifting, and can often be found browsing the Target clearance racks with a Dr. Pepper in hand (which explains at least one of the recipes below). My favorite part about reading through some of her party posts (like this Pineapple Party, this Mothers’ Day brunch, or an explanation of how not to break the bank when hosting a party) is that yet again, she makes it sound real and approachable – as well as the fact that you can absolutely hear her enthusiasm for hosting parties in her writing. And you haven’t even seen the best party yet, you’ll have to scroll down to find out.

Don’t forget to check out her blog, Pretty Providence. You’ll definitely find some wonderful inspiration. And now without further ado-

Tell us about your party-hosting style.

My party hosting style is casual and relaxed! I love a party with perfect details but when I plan a real party, I try to just focus on having great food and creating a fun atmosphere. If I am stressing over the small details, people can feel it!

Brunch Centerpiece via Pretty Providence

Where did your love of party planning begin?

I’m not sure… I think I just started doing it with my friends in college because we liked any reason to get together with our friends, and it just grew from there! I got obsessed with cake decorating, poured over party and wedding blogs for decor inspiration, and was always looking for a new reason to throw a party.

What are your go-to appetizers?

I love chips and dip! Any kind!

What are your go-to entrees?

I pretty much always go for Mexican if I’m serving dinner. My 20-minute chimichangas are always a crowd pleaser and are easy to put together ahead of time!

What are your go-to desserts?

Everyone’s favorite is my Golden Grahams S’more Bars, they’re melted chocolate and marshmallow and they literally taste like heaven.

Golden Grahams S'more Bars via Pretty Providence

What are your go-to beverages?

Definitely Dirty Dr. Pepper because that’s my FAVE, and then I always like to do a lemonade or something simple like that!

Dirty Dr. Pepper via Pretty Providence

What do you usually bring to a potluck?

Once again, I always bring my S’more Bars, they are my most requested treat!

Do you decorate for the festivities?

Yes. I always do some kind of garland and I like balloons, or simple paper backdrops and centerpieces. (Click here to see her floral cake stand centerpieces.)

Floral Cake Stand Centerpieces

Tell us about the best party you’ve ever hosted.

I think my nephew’s Star Wars party was really awesome, and it felt low-pressure because I knew the kids would be happy no matter what.

What’s your biggest hostess challenge?

My biggest challenge is not getting a little out of control with the decor ideas I have. I guess you could say I have too many ideas and not enough time to do them.

What’s your best tip for someone who wants to be a great party hostess?

Collect white serving dishes, they go with everything! You can find great ones at thrift stores, keep your eyes peeled. For my tips on starting a party stockpile on a budget – click here!

Thank you so much to Sarah for playing along! I always love hearing what people’s go-to party ideas are, because it provides so much new inspiration.

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