Weekly Snippets 51

Weekly Snippets 51

Merry Christmas, everyone! While I’m waiting to leave ¬†for my aunt’s house I wanted to take the chance to pop in today to wish all those who celebrate a very Merry Christmas, and to amend the fact that I missed Friday’s Weekly Snippets.

I hope your day (no matter what you’re doing today) is full of merriment, friends, and lots of delicious food. Saying many prayers of thanks and hope today. Enjoy the last few days of 2016!

And without further ado, 10 things that happened from Friday to Friday:

  1. I went to an alcohol-themed white elephant swap and left with two delicious belgain-style beers.
  2. I finished 150 Christmas cards and got almost all of them in the mail in time to get there before the holidays.
  3. I attend the third annual PHLbloggers brunch where we ate lots of delicious treats, caught up on life, and took a little time this holiday season to just chill. (Please note: It wasn’t at my house this year so we wouldn’t be so squished.)
  4. I managed to get only 6 days behind on podcasts after a full weekend of listening. I’m mostly hoping that nobody released holiday episodes so I’m not super far behind again because I kind of stopped listening after that.
  5. Ben and I hosted game night at our house this week. We played Carcassone and Code Names. We also drank some great beer (see No. 1) and ate some delicious sandwiches (thanks, Cleavers).
  6. Tuesday evening I went to get bubble tea with my friend Karyn. We found out we have pretty much the exact same taste in television shows, which pretty much never happens. So I’m super excited to swap recommendations going forward.
  7. Wednesday evening Ben and I went to his friend Steve’s 30th Birthday party. We played Code Names again – and ate some really really delicious black bean, sweet potato, and corn tacos with a honey-lime dressing. I seriously need to get that recipe.
  8. Thursday I had the chance to go to my favorite New York bakery, Baked and had a whoopie pie and a homemade twix bar. (See photo above.)
  9. Thursday evening was our small group at work’s Christmas party and we went to see the Devils/Flyers game in New Jersey. It was a fun night out and good to see everybody outside of work.
  10. I ate two New York bagels with veggie tofu cream cheese from “Best Bagel and Coffee” in New York. I honestly still cannot get over how good it was. I think it’s going to become a must-go-to stop every time I’m there.

We’ve made it all the way to weekly snippets number 51. I’m excited to share weekly snippets number 52 with y’all next week, as well as to reflect back on the year, think about some 2017 goals, and clear out some of the never ending to do list items in my life (by just deciding they’re not important anymore, not actually accomplishing them). Talk to everyone soon, and have a wonderful day!

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  • I knew that homemade twix bar a mile away! #sogood

    • Hahaha. Kajal bought me the cookbook for my birthday. You best believe that’s the first recipe I’m going to try. It’s called Millionaire’s Shortbread.