Currently Vol. 01

Chrystina Noel Currently Vol 01
Hi everyone. These currently posts are going to be the equivalent of last year’s weekly snippet posts (which were the equivalent of the previous years’ one down, one up posts). I’m excited to share with you some highlights from the week including thoughts, goals, and happenings.

Catching up over food and drink with many friends. Sunday Ben and I had brunch with two friends and then dinner with one of my previous roommates. Monday night was game night with friends. Then on Wednesday night I cooked as part of our rotating #wepretendtobecooks dinners.

Treating myself to the movies. On Monday I saw Moana, La La Land, and Hidden Figures. I really enjoyed Moana, the music was quite wonderful. La La Land I didn’t expect to enjoy, and it met my expectations. I think it was incorrectly cast (although I do usually really enjoy Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone), it could have used more full-voice singing, and I’m not a huge fans of endings like that. All too real. I tend to go to the movies for a break from reality. And has for Hidden Figures. Go see it. It was all the things. (I had chicken fingers and waffle fries for lunch.)

Hosting a PHLbloggers wine tasting with Vicki from Vinocity Events. We gathered at Architeqt Salon in Washington Square West and learned some wine essentials and some cool facts about Spanish wine. I was in rare form when I left and ordered sushi for dinner. All in all, a great night.

Cleaning up around the house. We took the Christmas tree down this week, which made a mess. Saturday has been a day of hosting, so the house needed to be clean for that. I’m always amazed how much dirt is on the stairs in this house, man. And I’m very glad it’s now clean.

Drained by the amount of things on my schedule. I have been scheduling lunch meetings, afternoon phone calls, evening phone calls, dinners, and more. I really need to be more aware of this and calm my schedule down.

And that’s it for now. We’ll see how I do with this scheduling less thing. I think it means I’m going to need to block off some free time on my calendar. How was your week?

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