Currently Vol. 2

Chrystina Noel Currently Vol 2

(Definitely thought I hit publish on this yesterday.)

Hi everybody, I hope you had a wonderful week. It was another whirlwind. Most of the time in Philadelphia, some time in Jersey City, and lots of meetings and catching up with people during the week.

Hosting another wine party. I had a few friends over to find the best bottle of wine under $20. Feeling pretty good about how this party turned out. Definitely thinking that I need to find a few new party ideas that don’t revolve around alcohol though. Suggestions welcome. A few friends came up with some great Mardi Gras party ideas that didn’t involve alcohol that I’m super excited about.

Watching The Bachelor. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am enjoying it.

Listening to podcasts in all of my down time. I’m currently up to 21 subscribed-to podcasts. I don’t actually appear to have any time to read anymore, which I think is more than evident by the pile of growing books and magazines on my nightstand.

Locking in some really cool speakers and sponsors for The Blog Connect. I’m so excited to be working with such a great team and that they’re as dedicated to the cause as I am.

Attending my friend Sarah’s Art Show. It was a really cool experience, and my first art show. You display and sell art apparently. (I was picturing more of a craft show.) Such cool people though, such great artists, and for such a great cause. All benefits went to support the ACLU.

Hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend, talk to you all soon!

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