Currently Vol. 04

Chrystina Noel Currently Vol 04

This week was so much less chaotic than last week, y’all. It wasn’t any less busy, but it was less jumping from thing to thing to thing, which made me feel much more like a sane person. This past week was spent:

Wishing I didn’t have to be a big people and worry about getting my damn heat fixed. It works on warm days, but not on cold days. It’s kind of the worst and makes me want to cry. It also makes me not want to change my clothes or shower at all, which in general is always a problem, but this is making it way worse.

Glad that things are settling into place for The Blog Connect. We’ve announced our party venue and 90% of the speaker list at this point. At this point it’s just promotion, solidifying the remaining sponsors, and making it as wonderful as we can. I’m super excited.

Proud of myself for getting my taxes done early this year.

Thankful for grocery stores. I think the time I was happiest this whole week was while shopping at Trader Joe’s. Grocery stores are my happy place, man.

Getting closer to being done watching Cheers. I started it months ago, and it’s the slowest moving sitcom I’ve ever watched. It’s amazing how long this has dragged out. That said, I do really like some of the characters. I’m definitely not watching Frasier after this though. I can’t handle another 9 seasons.

Wondering how I’m going to fit in all the travel I’d like to do this year. On my list for “want-to-go-to” places are: Utah, Montana, and Nashville. None of those are on my current “go-to” list though. I’m going to have to figure this out and start making better use of my weekends.

Loving these pop open cards made by Compendium. Actually really loving everything on their site.

Pigging out on Girl Scout Cookies. Give me all the Samoa (I mean Caramel Delites) and Thin Mints.

Enjoying mugicha tea. It’s a barley tea, caffeine free, and has a toasty warm flavor. Perfect for all the cold nights.

That’s it for now. Looking forward to hopefully another low-key week next week. We’ll see if I can make it happen. In the meantime, everyone have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

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