Currently Vol. 06

Chrystina Noel Currently Vol 06

Better late than never. It was another week, man. I’ve got a theory you can guess some of these currently happenings based on previous weeks posts, but here goes nothing:

Tired. So tired. Hoping that I find more time this week to wind down and take a second to breathe, but I think I’ve been saying that for a month now. I really need audit season to be over sooner than later.

Grateful to have had the chance to sing on the Verizon Hall stage this past weekend. I had a blast singing. The musical was phenomenal. As were the soloists.

Worried that I made too many polarizing statements to the people sitting next to me during the concert. You know when you say something, but it needs a bunch of clarification around it? Yeah… I never had time to make any of those clarifications. They still seemed to like me by the end, so that’s cool.

Loving the chance to be a mentor to some college students. Even though I’ve made it to manager I don’t usually work with too many people younger than me so I haven’t really gotten the chance to take on that mentor role, but I think it’s something I could be really good at.

Watching season 11 of Cheers. Finally. It’s taken months. Looking forward to starting 30 Rock next.

Listening to “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. Over and over again.

Gearing up to start the Whole30 this week. I decided to give it a go. We’ll see how this goes. I’m much more worried about what happens if I don’t have time to prepare food than about having to give things up for a month. Part of me thought it might just be useful to hire a chef for 30 days. It would save me a heck of a lot of energy figuring out what I’m allowed and not allowed to eat.

Surprised that the big balloon I bought for my birthday party (on January 8) still has enough helium in it to be floating. Yay for Disney princess balloons.

Having lots of conversations around relationships, friends, and staying in touch. Who’s worth staying in touch with, how to make new friends, how much effort you should be putting in, etc. No conclusions yet, just a lot of interesting conversations with a lot of late twenties, early thirties folks feeling the same way: a little bit lonely and not sure where to find what you’re looking for.

Introducing my parents to one of the best friends I’ve made in the past 10 years. It’s weird how your parents don’t know who your friend are after high school. Especially the important ones.

That was at least a little more exciting than it has been. I also walked home in a complete down pour this week with no umbrella or jacket, worked on perfecting my fried dough game, and got to hang out with my parents. So those things were cool too. How was your week?

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  • As always, love reading your currently posts. I’m thinking about Whole 30 but honestly not sure if I have the strength and/or the meal planning prowess to take it on. I’d love to read/hear about your experience! Also the whole making friends/relationship thing for late 20s and early 30s…YES. I could definitely have an hour long or more conversation on this topic. Where do you find the friends? All the feels. Have a great week Chrystina!

    • I can’t wait to report back. Definitely looking at this as just as much of an experiment as a good thing to do. And yes, where do you find friends, how much effort are you supposed to put in at first, how many times is too many times a week/month to see people, all the questions. Enjoy your week as well!!

  • I would totally be your personal chef. I could also totally help with the meal plan. I love that stuff.

    • Can you also find me time to go buy the things? Because that would be super useful in my world. I can’t even find time to plan a menu let alone get to the store though. There’s a small chance I live on hamster food for 30 days. We’ll see how this goes.

  • Diana

    I’m always thinking about relationships and how much time I should be dedicating to keeping up with people who don’t seem terribly interested in keeping up with me. It’s so disappointing!

    xo, Diana

    • So true. There’s got to be a way to make it feel better though, right? We just need to figure it out first…