Currently Vol. 10

Chrystina Noel Currently Vol 10

Another Monday currently post. It gives me a chance to live the entire weekend before telling you all how it went. Aren’t you excited?

Catching up with friends around the city getting tea and drinks together.

Lonely. Just feeling a little bummed out about the fact that there really aren’t that many people in my life on the day-to-day anymore. If somebody had told me that most of the friends that I had throughout the years would eventually fade away a few years ago I wouldn’t have believed them. My team isn’t in the same office.┬áThere’s very few people I see anymore where I don’t need to be “on” or planning something. Definitely something I need to work on. Hence the catching up with friends.

Signed up for the classes that I want to take at Craftcation in April. (A conference where you learn about small business and crafting.) Will anybody else be there?

Reading about wedding planning for a project I’m (considering) working on. (No, I’m not getting married.)

Traveling to Rhode Island for The Lady Project Summit. I had the chance to be on the blogging panel again this year. I met Ann Shoket. She solved my Mastermind Group problem. I heard a really awesome keynote from Lisa Jakub. She reminded me of the importance of authenticity. I also attended some really great sessions where I got two business cards from ladies I’m going to try to stay in touch with.

Visiting the parents for approximately 18 hours. This gave me time to sing with the church choir, have two meals around the table, and play the piano for an hour.

Watching 30 Rock.

Taking some very much needed PTO. Maybe I’ll be feeling back to normal by next week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

PS. Our podcast is launching this Saturday. I’m super excited for y’all to hear it.

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  • More on the lady summit???

    • Haha. There might be a post about it later this week if I can come up with enough major takeaways that I can share on social media. Otherwise, I’m always down for a phone call.

  • Taylor

    I’m excited for the podcast too! and this potential wedding planning project!

    • Yayy! I’m glad there are other people excited for it!

  • Harper Yi

    So excited for your podcast to start! Glad the summit sounds like it was rad!

    • Yayyy, another person who’s excited! We’re super pumped.