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Chrystina is a girl who loves to dream big and make things happen. She’s a people person who loves connecting people and staying in touch through a thoughtful handmade card or themed parties. She’s also kind of a hot mess who doesn’t know when to shut up and falls over in public more than she should. She’s 27, lives in Philadelphia, PA, is the founder of PHLBloggers, and is a construction consultant by day. She’s a photographer, a singer, a baker, an engineer, and a party hostess. She likes Belgian beers, breakfast burritos with green chile, and chai.

At 27 I’ve reached the point that everybody no longer lives nearby. My best friends are all over the country, the friends in my own city are settling down, my family is 3.5 hours away, and I get on an airplane for work almost every week. It’s hard to feel connected to these people when there seems to be so little time and so little overlap.

How do I deal with that? I send snail mail. I host minimal effort parties (that usually revolve around food). I make phone calls on my way to and from work. And I record it all here – to write my story, to remind me how much joy it brings, to inspire you to do the same, and to be able to google the crap out of it later.

So what do you need to know about me?

  • One of my biggest pet peeves is people waiving their hands in front of cameras.
  • Putting together a three-course meal stresses me out.
  • I would put everything in an excel spreadsheet and color code it if that was possible.
  • I usually say the most logical thing first and decide how I really feel about things later.
  • I love my curly hair.
  • My preferred choice of music is Broadway and my prefeered television channel of choice is Disney.
  • I make a mean cup of chai.

What to know exactly what you’re going to find on Chrystina Noel? You’re going to get help with:

In the meantime, here are a few things you might become inspired to do while roaming the site:

Staying in touch with your own friends & family

People love getting snail mail. Whether it’s a nicely-decorated package, a letter full of updates, or a simple postcard hello it’s the thought that counts. It only takes a few minutes to brighten someone’s day.

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> browse the card archive

Planning a party

Hosting parties doesn’t need to be fancy or difficult, it can be your best friends sitting around in your living room eating spaghetti on paper plates. There’s something about bringing people together that’s magic.

> get some party tips
> find some party inspiration
explore the party archives
> an introvert’s guide to parties

Snap a picture

Taking a photograph can help you relive a moment, remind you of the important things when life gets in the way, and can make a great conversation starter. And the best part is that it’s so easy to do these days.

> read about my photography adventure
> read about my event photography adventure
> interested in portrait sessions? email me.

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