peach and lace birthday cards

When I opened my greeting card shop I made a point to let everybody from work know that this was happening. I sent out a huge email to everybody that I’ve worked with saying look at what I’m doing over here. Sign up for my newsletter if you want to hear more about it. And while it might night sound like a consulting firm would care about some greeting cards, I’ve got to tell you – they were some of the most excited people for me, and they’ve accounted for most of my sales to date. They’re pretty wonderful.

Two weeks ago one of my coworkers mentioned that his wife’s birthday was coming up. He asked if I had any birthday cards in the shop. (This is one of the most common questions I’ve been asked since opening up a shop, it’s made me rethink the cards I’ve been making for the shop. Definitely a good learning experience.) I told him that I had one card available and a celebrate postcard right now, but I could make him a custom card. I asked him what colors and patterns his wife liked – I found out she likes the color peach and she’s into lacey feminine patterns.

So I got to work.  I made four cards using what I knew. Now, while I understand this is probably not the way to do business, I’ve absolutely loved the creative challenges that opening this shop has provided. Usually I’m just designing things out of my own brain with no limitations, but it’s true what they say about giving you limitations can make you more creative. Also, you would be shocked by how little peach paper I actually own. Every shade of pink – sure. Peach, that was hard to come by. Here are the four designs I came up with. Which one would you have chosen?

Card for Brian's Wife1 Card for Brian's Wife2 Card for Brian's Wife3 Card for Brian's Wife4

My favorite was the first. The co-worker who sat next to me chose the second, and the co-worker with the wife chose the third one. These cards will all be available in the shop on November 1.

This card design thing has been an interesting experience so far because it’s made me think about the fact that I’m designing for someone else and need to take their styles into consideration as well. Yet again, definitely enjoying the adventure over here. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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is anybody close to having 5 in a row?

when not to send a card

As you probably know, I’ve been looking for reasons to send people cards throughout the month of October. I’ve made cards for welcome back to blogging and for enjoy A Book A Blanket A Day Without Work day (an awesome new holiday celebrated this past weekend) and for wooo! you bought a new car. Any occassion I’ve been hearing about I’ve been making cards for.

I tend to celebrate the happy things, but every so often something not as happy happens. I have a friend who has a family member who had surgery a few weeks ago. I found out about it by being in the right place at the right time (wrong place at the wrong time?).  So I decided to make a card.

I worked really hard to try to find a way to say “get well soon” without being too invasive, and here’s the card that I settled on:

Get well soon card

It was a little bit funny, a bright color, had a holographic sticker on it, I was pretty proud about how it turned out. I put it in an envelope, wrote the address on it, and put a stamp on it. Something in me told me to text my friend to make sure this was okay (after I had finished, clearly this is not something I would have thought of earlier) – and the conclusion that was come to was that I should not send the card because most people didn’t know that the surgery was happening.

Which makes sense, but it didn’t even cross my mind. I knew about something was happening, I wanted to try to help to make the day better, and so I went to my default response – let’s make a card. But I guess that’s not always okay.

As somebody who tells everybody pretty much everything (I did this long before I was a blogger too) I forget that there are people who like to keep things more private.

There’s no conclusive statement to this post, it’s merely a random collection of thoughts that I need to figure out how to navigate in the future and be more aware of how other people think before I jump right into a project.

I think.

I respect the answer I was given, but part of me still thinks I should have sent the card.

Does anybody else have any insight on this?

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a card for the new car in your life

This was a pretty fun card to make. One of my friends from Louisiana recently bought a new car. This seemed like a pretty card-worthy situation. So I did a little research on the type of car he bought and I ended up with this picture:

I thought to myself, greatnow what do I do with this information?

Well the night before I had just found a really cool sheet of paper. (Yes, most of my card-creating experiences are inspired by really cool sheets of paper.) It was textured and black. I love working with black paper, mainly because my white gel pen looks awesome on it. I decided I was going to make him a small replica of his car on the card.

I held a piece of printer paper up to the computer screen and traced the shape of the car at the correct dimensions and decided to cut my paper into the shape of the car. That went a little bit like this:

Car Card 02

Then I got to coloring, and the next thing I knew I had a card that looked like this:

Car Card 01

I was pretty proud of myself.

Also, yes, when I’m driving in a car really fast I do sometimes say VROOOM while I’m doing it. Not sure what that says about me. Anyway, this card will be available in the shop on November 1. Just in case you happen to also know somebody who just bought a 2015 Suburu Outback.

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photo postcards

photo postcards

Happy Saturday everybody!  I hope that y’all have some great weekend plans that you’re gearing up for – and if you’re in the northeast, I hope that you’re enjoying the fall weather.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the threat of rain (& the rain itself) doesn’t last for too long today so that everybody can enjoy their day!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with y’all a quick and fun idea of a little gift to send somebody after an event.  I’m notorious at using this idea for thank you cards, but this is the first time I did it as a just because.

As you may have known, a few weeks ago I went to Oktoberfest with a bunch of friends and got the chance to take some awesome pictures of everybody in their German outfits – and they’re far too good to go to waste.

I’ve been noticing recently that everybody’s fridge is full of wedding announcements and I decided that people should have more to put on the refrigerator than just wedding announcements so I wanted to make a postcard to commemorate the trip to Pittsburgh.  I took an individual pictures that I had of everybody and merged it together onto a 5×7 postcard using Photoshop.  Then I printed a copy of this postcard for the 10 of us on the trip and mailed it out to everyone.

I decided not to use the photo itself as a postcard to send becuase I didn’t want the picture side to get scratched, so I just wrote a quick message on the back, threw them in an envelope and mailed them off.

Yesterday, the text messages started rolling in – and they all seemed to really like them!  (Even though they’re pretty much all boys – I always wonder if they’ll appreciate my handywork and they always seem to.)  And who doesn’t want an awesome picture of themselves dressed up with 9 other attractive people?  It’s hard to argue with.

Check out the finish product –

Oktoberfest 2014 final postcard

And yes, I’ve told Shiv that next year he needs to buy lederhosen.

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