a music card for krissie

Card for Krissie 01

I had the pleasure of meeting Krissie on an airplane almost three years ago at this point.  She is a music junkie and it is awesome.  She always knows what bands are up and coming and she can give you a million recommendations based on your own personal style.  We met on an airplane, I offered her a raunchy romance novel to read, and the rest is history.

Her birthday was recently and I set out to make her an awesome birthday card.  I knew that I wanted to use the mix tape stationery I had on hand to make her a music card.  I made the first card, and I hated it.

Card for Krissie 02

It looked so flimsy and incomplete and blank.  I actually made it to the point that I had written the entire message in the card and was about to put it in the envelope when I realized that this card really just wasn’t going to cut it and I started completely over.  Take two:

Card for Krissie 03
I rewrote the message inside of the new card and went from there.  Overall, I felt like I wasn’t focusing on the mix tapes enough and that they had to be mounted in order to show their true awesomeness.  And I got an awesome thank you text message when she saw the mixtapes, so that was designing time well spent.

That’s just proof to show that the right card doesn’t always happen the first time.  Luckily for me, it happened the second time.

I’ve been thinking about making a “how to make a great homemade card” e-course to share the skills I’ve learned along the way.  I have a little bit more time this month, so I’ll be excited to see if I can make it happen.  Here’s to new exciting things in life.  First I just have to finish that book I’ve been writing.

another greeting card set

I had the pleasure of singing in my second Baton Rouge Chorus summer production this past month.  Along with the awesome chorus concert came another silent auction and another set of Chrystina Noel greeting cards.  In usual Chrystina greeting card design fashion, I designed the greeting cards at midnight the night before.  The brainstorm looked a little bit like this.

Another Greeting Card Set

My mother and I sat at the table trying to figure out what little pictures I could draw correspond to cards that people might actually want.  Moms are always good for reality checking you.  For example, people send cards for things like birthdays and thank yous – not for harmonizing or shining.

Here were the ones that won the game:

Another Greeting Card Set (1)Another Greeting Card Set (2) Another Greeting Card Set (3) Another Greeting Card Set (4) Another Greeting Card Set (5) Another Greeting Card Set (6)
What other occasions would you send a card for?  Remember.  Keep the pictures simple.

5 supplies to make greeting cards

5 supplies to make greeting cards

People think card making needs to be an over the top process that involves a huge stock pile of arts and craft supplies, but that’s not true at all.  It’s way simpler than that.  The point of card making is to find a way to express your thoughts to a particular person.  That’s it.  You could do that on a blank sheet of paper folded in half if you really want to.  If you did want to fancy it up a bit, there are 5 items that I recommend keeping on hand.

  1. Cardstock
    This is the most important item.  You need something to make the card out of.  Cardstock is your answer.  You can buy a package of really pretty colorful good quality paper from Paper Source, you can buy a package of white paper from Staples, or you can buy a pad of paper from your local craft store (wait for it to go on sale).  If you’re only going to buy one color, buy white or ivory.  If you’re going to buy two colors, buy a white or an ivory and a pop of color or black.  If you want to get fancy, buy mostly solid colors, but a pack of patterned paper is always fun.
  2. Paper Cutter
    This is probably my favorite tool.  There’s something so gratifying about being able to cut in a straight line all the time.  That way you can make whatever size shape card you choose look professional.  You can buy anything from a $5 paper cutter at your local craft store to spending $150 on an industrial one; either way it’s going to cut a straight line.
  3. Envelopes
    This one will make your life more simple.  Envelopes will keep your cards from getting dirty.  They can be bought in any size, any color.  The easiest way to do this is to just go buy a box of greeting card envelopes from Staples.  If you’re feeling fancy, you can buy them in all different sizes, but really, it’s unnecessary – we all know the envelope just gets thrown away anyway.
  4. A Good Black Pen
    These are my favorite.  Just a solid black pen.  You can write on the outside, you can write on the inside, you can decorate with it.  It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing.  I tend to buy black pens and markers whenever I go into a new craft store just because I like to test out the possibilities; however, I always come back to my favorite black Papermate pens.  It feels like you’re writing with a marker, but it has the precision of a pen.  So good.
  5. Gel Pens
    Yes, this might seem very 4th grade, but gel pens really were and are awesome.  Sharpies bleed through paper.  Crayola markers are too thick usually.  Gel pens are just right.  Not only that, but you can buy them in all sorts of fun colors and they write on any color paper.  My two favorite gel pens are the white one and the silver one, they make detailing on cards very fun.

In addition to the basic items, I do have a few favorite fancier items.  My StazOn jet black ink, recommended by Elise Blaha once.  I have an assortment of stamps that I love to use.  It smells delicious and I will never buy anything else again.  My tool that rounds corners is also pretty swanky.  It means I can be fancy without really trying.  Also, I’ve been having a blast with Washi tape.  I think it’s so pretty to close envelopes with.  Also, it seems to never run out, which makes it feel like it’s a good investment.  We call that winning.

Do you have any supplies that you use for card making that I should try out?  I’m always willing to spend a little bit of cash on something new and crafty.  Let me know in the comments below!


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taking a chance on cards

I got a little wild and crazy recently in the world of cards.  What could that even mean, right?

Well, I started mixing mediums.  I took out my markers, I took out my colored pencils, I took out my gel pens, cardstock, and decorative clips.  I clipped together pieces of paper that didn’t necessarily go together, and I didn’t color between the lines.

Each of these little cards is about 3×4″ and I absolutely love how they turned out though.

ChrystinaNoel Cards 1 ChrystinaNoel Cards 2 ChrystinaNoel Cards 3 ChrystinaNoel Cards 4

What do you think, should I keep mixing mediums?