a batman greeting card

When I saw that the US Post Office had come out with Batman stamps, I immediately new I needed to send them to my friend Chris (with a greeting card of course). Chris has been running the Batman News (the premier source for all things Batman) for years. He’s also the one who helped me move my site over from WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

We also went to middle school together and spent far too much time talking to each other on AIM.

I wanted to share the card I put together for him today. I didn’t know that much about Batman, but I knew where to look for inspiration, and here was the result –

2015-03-23 Batman Card

Also. I think I’ve taken this mail thing to a new level. Now I’m sending stamps instead of putting them on the mail? Ridiculous.

So, will you be running out to go buy some Batman stamps today? They’re pretty flipping awesome.

some handmade cards

Hi everyone! I wanted to check in to say that I’m still alive. I am putting a pause on the “How To Start a Blog” series until the deadlines at my day job die down a bit (I got home at 11:00pm last night). I want to make sure that the series is as awesome as possible and I can’t make that happen right now. (I’m hoping to have a post up Thursday.)

That said, I wanted to take some time to share a few handmade Chrystina Noel cards, a few personal, and a few that were purchased in the Chrystina Noel shop. If you need a card for a special occassion I can work with you to make a personlaized, handmade creation. Not sure where to start? Just send me an email.

Groundhog Day Card via Chrystina Noel

I made this card for a friend from work. During a staff meeting we were discussing Groundhog Day, and clearly, since I was in the room somebody brought up greeting cards. My response was that if I had somebody to make a Groundhog Day card for, I would absolutely make one. My friend quickly volunteered, and this was the result.

Wedding Card via Chrystina Noel

This card was purchased as a custom card in the shop by a co-worker for an engagement party she had to attend. We worked to create something both classy and simple.

Sympathy Card via Chrystina Noel

I designed this card for a friend whose stepmom passed away. These cards are never easy to design (or write in), but I was happy in the end with how it turned out with flowers, simple text, and a little dimension.

It's A Boy Card via Chrystina Noel

This card was purchased by another co-worker for a different co-worker’s baby shower. We talked about colors beforehand, but I knew this was the perfect excuse to use the moon that I had been saving for so long.

Happy Birthday Boyfriend Card via Chrystina Noel

Well, I guess this is my official blog announcement. This card was made by me for the boy (no longer just boy, now boyfriend, but boy is easier to say). My favorite part is the background paper, my friend Tara got me this pack of washi paper (apparently that’s a thing) from Paper Source, and I’ve been loving it.

Do you have any special occasions coming up that you might need a card for? Check out my shop today – or my card archive if you’re in need of some inspiration for your own creations.

designing custom valentine cards

It’s almost that time of year again, Valentine’s Day. I know it seems like it’s a long way away, but really, now that it’s January 15, it’s less than a month away. So why not get ahead of the game this year and buy Valentine’s Day cards for your loved ones early? If you order them now they can be shipped to you before February 1. Think about how great you’ll feel knowing it’s taken care of.

I made a bunch of Christmas cards to sell a few months ago, and I’m going to be 100% honest with y’all – none of them sold. Not one. After talking with a few people, I realized that people tend to buy Christmas cards in bulk. That, however, is probably not the case with Valentines. Valentines go to a few special people in your life whether that’s the love of your life, your mother, your best friend, your grandfather, the person on whom you have a crush, your cat (this is a judgement free zone), etc. And each one of those people is special to you for a reason. And each one of them deserves a special card made just for them. And I’m going to help you do it.

5 Questions to Design a Custom Valentines Day Card

2015-01-15 Designing a custom Valentine 01

This will not be the only color used in the card, but it will be the main color besides white.

2015-01-15 Designing a custom Valentine 02

Feel free to specify size, but shape is really all you need. If you’re feeling really fancy you can ask for rounded corners.

2015-01-15 Designing a custom Valentine 03

That right there is the reason I don’t design patterns, you get the idea though. Choose what type of pattern you’d like your paper to have.

2015-01-15 Designing a custom Valentine 04

You can choose up to three. This card/these cards will not be copied exactly, but it’s good to know what types of layering and embellishments (if any) you like.

2015-01-15 Designing a custom Valentine 05

You can choose if you want the card to be blank or have words – and you can decide if those words go on the outside or the inside.

Here are some simple choices –

You are awesome.
You’re my favorite.
I love you so much.
Thanks for always being there.
I don’t know what I’d do without you.
Will you be my Valentine?

But really, it can say whatever you’d like.

Type your answers into the notes section during checkout when purchasing a Custom Greeting Card and the card you designed will be sent straight to your door. The card comes with an envelope and sticker to close the package. If I have any further questions on your design, I will send you an email directly. Use the code HEARTS to get 20% off your order through the end of January.

 2015-01-11 Click Here To Buy Your Valentine


the greeting card process

I’ve been toying with the idea of hosting classes where people can make their own greeting cards or writing an e-book to guide people through the process of making or writing their own greeting cards. Every time I think about starting I get baffled. Recently I’ve helped two friends make cards for specific occassions (and by helped I pretty much mean I’ve given them free reign over my supplies). Both of those friends have looked at me and asked where do I begin?

I’ve brainstormed a few ideas of how to begin the greeting card process –

  • Find a stamp, sticker, embellishment, or paper that reminds you of the person
  • Choose a color scheme, or the most logical
  • Choose an envelope size

I think all of those work well when you know your supplies well. But what happens when you don’t know the supplies you’re dealing with well? I handed over my scrap paper drawers just to get them thinking and that seemed to work better than talking hypothetically. Working with tangible paper and seeing how the colors go together seems to be the answer. Now how the heck do you write that in an e-book?

Let’s talk through my last card-making project and maybe I’ll be able to figure a bit more of it out. I recently got a request from a friend in Louisiana to make three sets of cards – one birthday, one encouragement, and one sympathy. So the first thing I did was set to work on finding something that inspired me for each one of those sets. Here’s what I ended up with:

Step 1

The stamp was for the sympathy card, it’s one of my favorites because it’s so simple. The stickers were for the birthday card, I’ve loved these stickers and have been waiting for a good chance to use them. The file-folder-like dictionary cards were something I’ve had sitting around for a while and I knew I loved, but I couldn’t figure out what to do with them until I figured out that I could use them for words of encouragement to say you are real, you are sincere, you are thoughtful, you are truthful, etc. (Clearly I had the pack of cards that was R through Z.)

From there I found paper to use as the base of the card and to decorate the card. I knew that I was trying to make cards that were less than 4″ x 5″ so that they fit in the envelopes and the plastic sleeves I bought.

Step 2

My favorite paper that I own is that brown color that looks like a brown paper bag, so I knew I wanted to use that for one of my cards – I decided it complemented the dictionary cards in color. I also decided that I wanted to stick the dictionary cards in a pocket to make it more interactive. The birthday sticker colors lent themselves to an entire coloring scheme, and the stamp could have gone with anything, but I decided that blue was a good color for sympathy (but not in an Eeyore-gray way, that’s why I added a pop of polkadot color).

Once all of the basic cutting and folding was done, this is what I was left with.

Step 3

Once I get to this point, the next step is to take out a pen and ink and to start adding the details. The birthday card didn’t need anything except a Chrystina Noel on the back. The sympathy card needed the stamp part done. I was too nervous to stamp right onto the blue. (Actually, to be honest, I might have stamped directly on the blue once and messed up and then decided to put it on white paper instead.) The encouragement cards needed a lot of hand-writing on them. Oh, and the back of the encouragement cards had a really fun print on it (which I never got a picture of, oops).

Drum roll, please –

Final 1 Final 2 Final 3

So other than the fact that the lighting in my room stinks on rainy/cloudy days, they didn’t come out too shabby, huh? (I made these cards over the course of 3 days, hence the different lighting.)

Maybe I just gave myself the answer to how to make greeting cards. (1) find inspiration, (2) set up the basics, (3) adhere everything together, (4) take out your pen – or something like that. What do you think, would this method work for you?