what to write in a mothers’ day card

2015-05-04 what to write on a mothers' day card

I finally decided that I’m always going to put the apostrophe after the s when writing Mothers’ Day because the day celebrates all mothers everywhere. All opinions on this concept are welcome.

Onto the important things. I sat down to write my Mothers’ Day card this weekend. At first I wasn’t sure where to start, and then I replayed a few recent phone calls that we had and I knew exactly what I wanted to put on my Mothers’ Day card.  Not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited about it. And then I put it in an adorable square envelope and covered it in washi tape. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you any more because that would ruin my mother’s surprise.

Now, I’m not an expert in writing Mothers’ Day cards, but I have a few suggestions of where to start if you’re not sure what to write. First, brainstorm recent phone calls, inside jokes, travels you’ve taken, and things that made you think of your mother. Once you’ve done your research, here are 5 suggestions about where to begin your mothers’ day card:

5 Things to Write in a Mothers’ Day Card

  1. Mention something you’re looking forward to doing with your mother.
  2. Thank your mother for something she has done for you recently.
  3. Tell your mother your favorite thing about her.
  4. Explain to your mother a way that you are like her that you never thought would happen.
  5. Offer to help out around the house. I don’t think this one gets old no matter how old you are.

So that’s it, five simple suggestions to personalize cards for your mothers. Do you have any other suggestions of where to start?

PS. Don’t forget that Mothers’ Day cards don’t only need to be sent to your mothers. They can be sent to your grandparents, your aunts, your friends who are mothers, anybody who’s ever acted like a mother towards you, and more.

PPS. There’s still plenty of time to make your own Mothers’ Day card by the way. Remember that time I made a Valentine for a kitten in under 5 minutes? Totally do-able.


5 reasons sending postcards is awesome

2015-04-01 Postcards

Hello, happy Wednesday! If you’re joining today from CBS Philly, welcome! The blog is a space where I talk about greeting cards, hosting parties, and a lot of random stuff in between. You’ll learn very quickly that I love (to send and receive) snail mail, so today I’m sharing 5 reasons sending postcards is awesome. You can start with my about page to learn a little bit more about my blog, I hope you’ll stick around.

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Now on we go to 5 reasons sending postcards is awesome.

They make people smile

Almost every time I send somebody snail mail I get a text message with a lot of exclamation marks back. Everybody loves getting snail mail, so why not make someone’s day? Think about how awesome it would be to get something in the mail that wasn’t a bill, credit card offer, or catalog that you can’t figure out how to get off the mailing list for.

They’re cheap

Postcards only cost a few dollars and sending them costs only 34 cents (as of April 2015). That means once you own the postcards you can make 3 people’s days for under $1.02. Buy a couple and keep them around so that they’re there when you need them.

There’s not an overwhelming amount of space to fill

One of my favorite parts about postcards is that there’s not an overwhelming amount of space to fill. You don’t need to share a huge, emotional story, you just need to say “hello, I was thinking of you today, you’re awesome, don’t ever change”. I just counted, only about 60-70 words actually even fit on the postcard. Super easy, right?

They only take a few minutes to write

One of the things that comes with the only 60 words territory is that it doesn’t take very long to write. Remember in middle school where you had to write a writing prompt in 45 minutes (goodness those were awful); well this is nothing like that. One you have the address you can write a postcard out in less than 3 minutes.

You can carry them with you easily

There’s a tiny box that I have (that used to have chocolates in it) that is the perfect size for carrying postcards around. It fits about 20 postcards and a bunch of pens. It fits in my purse incredibly easily and I never need to worry about anything getting wrinkled. This way, if I end up with some extra time in my day I can take out a postcard and start to write. (Think about how many you could write while waiting for an appointment…)

a batman greeting card

When I saw that the US Post Office had come out with Batman stamps, I immediately new I needed to send them to my friend Chris (with a greeting card of course). Chris has been running the Batman News (the premier source for all things Batman) for years. He’s also the one who helped me move my site over from WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

We also went to middle school together and spent far too much time talking to each other on AIM.

I wanted to share the card I put together for him today. I didn’t know that much about Batman, but I knew where to look for inspiration, and here was the result –

2015-03-23 Batman Card

Also. I think I’ve taken this mail thing to a new level. Now I’m sending stamps instead of putting them on the mail? Ridiculous.

So, will you be running out to go buy some Batman stamps today? They’re pretty flipping awesome.

some handmade cards

Hi everyone! I wanted to check in to say that I’m still alive. I am putting a pause on the “How To Start a Blog” series until the deadlines at my day job die down a bit (I got home at 11:00pm last night). I want to make sure that the series is as awesome as possible and I can’t make that happen right now. (I’m hoping to have a post up Thursday.)

That said, I wanted to take some time to share a few handmade Chrystina Noel cards, a few personal, and a few that were purchased in the Chrystina Noel shop. If you need a card for a special occassion I can work with you to make a personlaized, handmade creation. Not sure where to start? Just send me an email.

Groundhog Day Card via Chrystina Noel

I made this card for a friend from work. During a staff meeting we were discussing Groundhog Day, and clearly, since I was in the room somebody brought up greeting cards. My response was that if I had somebody to make a Groundhog Day card for, I would absolutely make one. My friend quickly volunteered, and this was the result.

Wedding Card via Chrystina Noel

This card was purchased as a custom card in the shop by a co-worker for an engagement party she had to attend. We worked to create something both classy and simple.

Sympathy Card via Chrystina Noel

I designed this card for a friend whose stepmom passed away. These cards are never easy to design (or write in), but I was happy in the end with how it turned out with flowers, simple text, and a little dimension.

It's A Boy Card via Chrystina Noel

This card was purchased by another co-worker for a different co-worker’s baby shower. We talked about colors beforehand, but I knew this was the perfect excuse to use the moon that I had been saving for so long.

Happy Birthday Boyfriend Card via Chrystina Noel

Well, I guess this is my official blog announcement. This card was made by me for the boy (no longer just boy, now boyfriend, but boy is easier to say). My favorite part is the background paper, my friend Tara got me this pack of washi paper (apparently that’s a thing) from Paper Source, and I’ve been loving it.

Do you have any special occasions coming up that you might need a card for? Check out my shop today – or my card archive if you’re in need of some inspiration for your own creations.