Currently Vol. 09

Chrystina Noel Currently Vol 09

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you had a wonderful week last week, weren’t too bothered by the clocks switching back, didn’t get too cold in the northeast snow, had a lovely St. Patrick’s day, and got a chance to enjoy the weekend. Here’s a little bit of what went on in my world last week –

Glad the heat started working during the snowstorm. No idea why it started working. I’m not going to ask questions right now.

Lucky to have really awesome friends who offer to cook me dinner when I tell them I’m doing the Whole30. That meal in the upper left was cooked for me by my friend Ryan and was definitely one of my favorite meals I had while doing the Whole 30.

Dancing at Philly Dance Fitness’ Cardio Pop class. This week I brought my friend Marie, and she had fun too! As an extrovert it was great to have a friend there because I feel like I process everything externally and haven’t had somebody to really talk about the class with in a long time. So that was cool.

Quitting the Whole30. Once I started to feel faint after dance class I realized this diet just wasn’t going to do it for me. I needed some kind of grain or starch to feel full, so I decided that the Whole30 was going to have to go. There’s a blog post to come later this week on my thoughts.

Played tourist in my own city. My cousin and his fiancée came to visit and we walked over 15 miles on Saturday. A lot of what we did came from my post about Planning Your Trip to Philadelphia, but they also suggested that we do the Urban Adventure Quest game for Philadelphia. It a scavenger hunt game you play through your phone – and gave me a way to see a bunch of places in the city I’ve never seen before and focus on a lot of details I’ve walked by a million times. This is definitely something I’m going to be considering doing in more cities I visit.

Working on an episode of The Gatherings Podcast. Stay tuned for the launch on April 1. Jessica and I are super excited about it. If anybody knows how to make people sound like two people are in the same room when recording over Skype, that’d be great if you can tell us.

Behind on birthday cards again. Hoping to get another round of cards out this week. March is a huge birthday month, it’s ridiculous.

Collaborating with the best group of ladies for The Blog Connect. If you’re a blogger in the Philadelphia area (or even not in the Philadelphia area) we would love to see you there.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. We’re just a few days away from spring. (or fall!) Here’s to new beginnings and constant changes. They always make things a little more interesting.

Small Goals: March 2017

Chrystina Noel Small Goals March 2017

Today I’m linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl to talk about March’s small goals. It’s about 15 days too late for goals, but that just means I only have 15 more days to accomplish them.

But first, let’s take a look at February’s goals to see how I did.

  1. Make my first king cake.
    Success! You can check that out in my Mardi Gras Brunch recap post.
  2. Make Ben a nice Valentine’s Day card.
    I managed this too! That said, it got lost before he was able to open it. Lucky for me I got one photo of it.
  3. Leave work at the office.
    I’ve gotten better. Still not perfect.
  4. Finish the branding for the podcast Jess and I want to start.
    Success. You can check out a preview here.
  5. Get my heat fixed.
    Fail. So hard. That said. It decided to work during the snowstorm, so that was cool. I have no idea why though.

4/5 – I’ll take it. Now onto March’s goals for this year.

  1. Complete the Whole30.
    That’s what the goal would have been at the beginning of the month. Already I’ve decided I’m only doing a Whole28. More on that to come in the recap post. Needless to say, if you’ve been following along with the currently posts, you know I’ve now been partially hungry for 15 days.
  2. Clean out the fridge & pantry.
    While this kind of goes along with the Whole30, there’s also just far too much stuff in my house leftover from parties I’m never going to actually eat or drink. (Popcorn, chips, juice boxes, etc.)
  3. Meet 3 cool new people at The Lady Project Summit.
    I’m a panelist on a blogger panel at The Lady Project Summit in Providence, RI the weekend of March 24 – 26. I’m super excited about it – hope to see some of you there!
  4. Make some progress on the books on my nightstand. 
    I know this was a January goal, but I really think I can do it this month.
  5. Take a load of stuff to Philly AIDS Thrift.
    I’ve had a bag ready to go for a few weeks, I want to take a final pass through things and then get it out of the bedroom. It’s just taking up space. It needs to be gone.

And that’s it. All pretty much cleaning related, but that’s what spring cleaning is all about, isn’t it?

Currently Vol. 08

Chrystina Noel Currently Vol. 08

Another week has gone by. Another week of the Whole 30. Another weekend vacation in Lancaster. Another trip to New York. My life is apparently just on repeat at this point. (I could use a day off in case that was unclear. So close, I have three days off later this month.)

At least I’ve gotten to hang out with some cool people. That always make the chaos a little better.

Spending time in New York City for work, where I got to see the lovely Harper Yi, spend a lot of time at salad bars, and walk a heck of a lot of miles.

Exploring Lancaster again, this time with a few ladies for a creative retreat weekend. There will be a post coming up about that soon, it was definitely a lot of fun.

Hungry/Hangry. I now feel like I’ve been hungry for 12 days. (I’m sure y’all can’t wait for this Whole 30 recap post.)

Working on the new podcast. Can’t wait to release it to y’all. Unsurprisingly, it’s about parties. Get ready for the go-live on April 1.

Wishing my heat was fixed. And that the weather would make up its gosh forsaken mind. I’m 100% sick of cold. (Although I’m definitely not quite ready to need to start shaving my legs again.)

Jaded. I need a change in life. Life has been almost exactly the same for the past 4 years and I’m going to need something to spice it up soon or I’m going to snap.

Splurging on myself just a little bit. Last week I bought myself two pairs of Toms and another pair of Madewell jeans because my Gap ones got a rip in them after only a few months.

I wrote the whole post this weekend and then never pushed publish apparently. Oops. So this week it’s currently on a Tuesday. Happy Pi Day, y’all.

Currently Vol. 07

Currently Vol. 07

Last week started off very stressful and ended much more calmly, which was appreciated. This upcoming week will probably slap me in the face thanks to my few days of relaxation, but that’s a problem for future Chrystina, so here we are.

Finished with the big audits that we were doing at the office. There are still many more to go, but the big ones that were taking up the majority of my nights and weekends were finally finished.

Stressed out about a mentor/mentee networking event. We did an Iron Chef competition here in Philadelphia where everybody is given a team of ingredients and you have 30 minutes to cook a course, whether it is an appetizer, entree, or dessert. This is not my jam. I am just genuinely programmed wrong for it. First of all, I’m a planner. To the extreme, that is how I deal with my anxiety of cooking, I spent a lot of time planning and prepping so I know what I’m doing. I’m also an Integrator, which means that I like consensus among a group. There’s no time for consensus in Iron Chef competitions, only doing. So that was stressful. It turned out fine though, and my mentee spent a lot of time calming me down, so that was nice of her.

Loving the feeling of acting as a mentor. I’ve gotten the chance to do it a few times recently. It feels good to offer wisdom I’ve learned and some of my connections to really cool folks I’ve been meeting.

Exploring Lancaster with Ben. Every since visiting Lisa last summer in Lancaster I’ve said I wanted to take Ben back with me. It’s such an adorable city. It’s so walk-able. There are so many coffee shops. And the farm-to-table mentality is wonderful.

Surviving the Whole30. I did indeed start the Whole30 on Wednesday. (There will be a blog post at the end, don’t you worry.) Surviving might be too harsh of a verb. It’s happening. It’s eh. My mouth is a little bored. I’m always a little bit hungry. I’m a little over-anxious about messing up. But it’s happening. We’ll see how the amount of traveling I’m doing in the next few weeks interferes with this. Five days in I’m still doing okay (I think).

Looking forward to touching base with everybody next week. Enjoy!