a craft area overhaul part 1

Alright, today’s Blog Every Day in May post is supposed to be only pictures.  But when have you ever known me to be a quiet person?  So let me just give you a litttttle explanation and then I’ll let you be.

There’s a lady named Alexis who writes an awesome blog called Clean, Smart, Simple, Style.  I’ve been reading along for a while now, and I always learn so much from her.  Check out her site areas on clean spaces, smart living, simple projects, and stylish inspiration.  I emailed her a while ago and asked her for a few tips on organizing craft spaces.  She asked for a few pictures of my space.  And I got back an AWESOME email from her, with PowerPoint presentation and links included.  Of course, then I got really busy at work.  So I haven’t had time to actually organize anything yet.  But I wanted to give you the before pictures.

Alright.  Now pretend I didn’t say any of that.  Here’s my post for “only pictures”.

Copy of craft area overhaul 1 Copy of craft area overhaul 2 Copy of craft area overhaul 3

How would you begin to tackle this?

Day #28 of Blog Every Day in May via Story of My Life.  Check out the linkup here.

cleaning out my closet

First of all: I love that song.  It’s one of my possible karaoke songs.  That’s right – picture that.

Second of all: I’m becoming my mother.  (Every girl goes through this, right?)  My mother’s in town right now – which means that it was a good chance to clean the house a little bit.  I washed off the counters, did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, did a load of laundry, vacuumed the floors, scrubbed the inside of the sink, cleaned the stove, cleaned the inside of the hood over the stove, reorganized the pantry, hemmed a curtain that needed to be shortened, and washed the walls.  Yeahh…

However, it occurred to me at some point in this cleaning spree that everything in life is better when you blog about it, right?  Right.  So I remembered a post that I had seen over at HomeFries about reorganizing a hall closet and decided I would give it a go.  There’s a weekly column by Tracy Benjamin “celebrating the neat freak in all of us”.  And the girl is good – she’s organized a bar closet, a makeup drawer, her car, recipes, family get togethers, and more.

Here is a picture of what my pantry looked like before.

2013-01-19. organizing the pantry before

Then I took everything out of the pantry and organized it by type of food.

2013-01-19. organizing the pantry during

And then I put everything back in.

2013-01-19. organizing the pantry after

I ended up getting rid of some stuff that expired, learning that I have WAY too many boxes/bags of pasta open at the same time, and realizing that it’s about time that I put the recycling bin in a location where it doesn’t block the pantry door.

I’ve also already promised myself that I’m cleaning out my bedroom closet this spring for a massive spring cleaning – and I’m going to try really, really hard not to say to myself “but I might wear that again” if I haven’t worn it in the last 9 months.  I’m probably going to need to invite somebody over to help me stick to this.  We’ll see how this goes.

What’s your next house cleaning project?

Also.  My poor roommate is going to come home and not be able to find anything.  I would also like to clarify that my roommate is in Hawaii right now living the dream – soooo I’ll just have to give her the tour when she gets back.

PS.  All of your extra tea is now in the tea basket. xo

how to organize memories, attempt 2

A few months ago, I attempted to start organizing my memories – this includes everything from ticket stubs, to theater brochures, to wedding invitations, to homemade greeting cards, to postcards and beyond.  Here’s a reminder of what that looked like the first time I tried this -



It was working really well until I realized I had another whole box of stuff from previous years that needed to be sorted.  I finally decided it was time to do it right.  It wasn’t cheap.  I’m still not convinced it’s the best way to do it, but it’s the best way to do it right now.  I bought many half sized binders and many many protective sheets, and I started filing.  Hopefully this theory lasts a little bit longer than the last one.  Now I just need to find a shelf to put them on.



Also, in case you were wondering, I store pictures in photo albums.  I actually print my favorite pictures from every event and put them in old fashioned photo albums.  I usually print pictures in multiples of 4 and visualize the page layouts as I’m choosing which pictures I want to print.  Where do I print the pictures?  Snapfish.  If you sign up for their emails, every few months you get an email that says “99 prints for 99 cents” – and with shipping it comes to $6.50ish and it shows up right at your door via US mail.  Awesomeness.

So, I ask the question one more time, how do you store your memories?

how to display jewelry

Since I’ve been setting up my new room, I realized that I need a cool way to display jewelry.  After a little inspiration from Lucy over at A Small Insight, and determining that the wall hanging organizers from etsy were my favorite – I decided a little arts and crafts project was in order.  Actually, most of the arts and crafts were done before, and now there was just organizing to be done.

I took all of my necklaces and large earrings and hung them up on a large cork board in my room.  My smaller earrings and hair pieces are stored in smaller containers in my night stand.  Everything is together, easily accessible, and I’m able to see most of the pieces at the same time – which means that I wear more of them more often.  Check it out.



As for the other things on the board, it’s still being filled, but – there’s a post card from my purchase from Threads (if you haven’t checked out Ashley and The Shine Project, you probably should – she brightens most of my days).  Also, there’s some souvenirs from arts and crafts at the from desk with BJ and notes from a decorating battle I had with Faraz one week.  These are the kinds of things I hold near and dear to my heart.  Friends make me happy.

Anyway, how do you display your jewelry?