Currently Vol. 07

Currently Vol. 07

Last week started off very stressful and ended much more calmly, which was appreciated. This upcoming week will probably slap me in the face thanks to my few days of relaxation, but that’s a problem for future Chrystina, so here we are.

Finished with the big audits that we were doing at the office. There are still many more to go, but the big ones that were taking up the majority of my nights and weekends were finally finished.

Stressed out about a mentor/mentee networking event. We did an Iron Chef competition here in Philadelphia where everybody is given a team of ingredients and you have 30 minutes to cook a course, whether it is an appetizer, entree, or dessert. This is not my jam. I am just genuinely programmed wrong for it. First of all, I’m a planner. To the extreme, that is how I deal with my anxiety of cooking, I spent a lot of time planning and prepping so I know what I’m doing. I’m also an Integrator, which means that I like consensus among a group. There’s no time for consensus in Iron Chef competitions, only doing. So that was stressful. It turned out fine though, and my mentee spent a lot of time calming me down, so that was nice of her.

Loving the feeling of acting as a mentor. I’ve gotten the chance to do it a few times recently. It feels good to offer wisdom I’ve learned and some of my connections to really cool folks I’ve been meeting.

Exploring Lancaster with Ben. Every since visiting Lisa last summer in Lancaster I’ve said I wanted to take Ben back with me. It’s such an adorable city. It’s so walk-able. There are so many coffee shops. And the farm-to-table mentality is wonderful.

Surviving the Whole30. I did indeed start the Whole30 on Wednesday. (There will be a blog post at the end, don’t you worry.) Surviving might be too harsh of a verb. It’s happening. It’s eh. My mouth is a little bored. I’m always a little bit hungry. I’m a little over-anxious about messing up. But it’s happening. We’ll see how the amount of traveling I’m doing in the next few weeks interferes with this. Five days in I’m still doing okay (I think).

Looking forward to touching base with everybody next week. Enjoy!

Currently Vol. 06

Chrystina Noel Currently Vol 06

Better late than never. It was another week, man. I’ve got a theory you can guess some of these currently happenings based on previous weeks posts, but here goes nothing:

Tired. So tired. Hoping that I find more time this week to wind down and take a second to breathe, but I think I’ve been saying that for a month now. I really need audit season to be over sooner than later.

Grateful to have had the chance to sing on the Verizon Hall stage this past weekend. I had a blast singing. The musical was phenomenal. As were the soloists.

Worried that I made too many polarizing statements to the people sitting next to me during the concert. You know when you say something, but it needs a bunch of clarification around it? Yeah… I never had time to make any of those clarifications. They still seemed to like me by the end, so that’s cool.

Loving the chance to be a mentor to some college students. Even though I’ve made it to manager I don’t usually work with too many people younger than me so I haven’t really gotten the chance to take on that mentor role, but I think it’s something I could be really good at.

Watching season 11 of Cheers. Finally. It’s taken months. Looking forward to starting 30 Rock next.

Listening to “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. Over and over again.

Gearing up to start the Whole30 this week. I decided to give it a go. We’ll see how this goes. I’m much more worried about what happens if I don’t have time to prepare food than about having to give things up for a month. Part of me thought it might just be useful to hire a chef for 30 days. It would save me a heck of a lot of energy figuring out what I’m allowed and not allowed to eat.

Surprised that the big balloon I bought for my birthday party (on January 8) still has enough helium in it to be floating. Yay for Disney princess balloons.

Having lots of conversations around relationships, friends, and staying in touch. Who’s worth staying in touch with, how to make new friends, how much effort you should be putting in, etc. No conclusions yet, just a lot of interesting conversations with a lot of late twenties, early thirties folks feeling the same way: a little bit lonely and not sure where to find what you’re looking for.

Introducing my parents to one of the best friends I’ve made in the past 10 years. It’s weird how your parents don’t know who your friend are after high school. Especially the important ones.

That was at least a little more exciting than it has been. I also walked home in a complete down pour this week with no umbrella or jacket, worked on perfecting my fried dough game, and got to hang out with my parents. So those things were cool too. How was your week?

Currently Vol. 05

Chrystina Noel Currently Vol 05

Well, the Saturday currently posts have been slowly turning into Sunday currently posts. I blame work? 60-70 hour work weeks are not my jam. As for this week, I was:

Tired. Trying to catch up on sleep. There’s only so many nights I can go on minimal sleep before nobody wants to be around me.

Attempting to figure out men’s fashion. I don’t know all that much about it and it seems like something that would be useful. What are the basics? Where can one go to learn this.

Making PowerPoint presentations. Why do they always take so longer than you think they’re going to?

Celebrating Mardi Gras. After spending three years in Louisiana it’s definitely a must. I made my first King Cake, took out my Mardi Gras beads, and fried up some beignets. Super excited to write about it this week.

I must have done something else this week, but all I remember is working. I’ll try harder next week.

Currently Vol. 04

Chrystina Noel Currently Vol 04

This week was so much less chaotic than last week, y’all. It wasn’t any less busy, but it was less jumping from thing to thing to thing, which made me feel much more like a sane person. This past week was spent:

Wishing I didn’t have to be a big people and worry about getting my damn heat fixed. It works on warm days, but not on cold days. It’s kind of the worst and makes me want to cry. It also makes me not want to change my clothes or shower at all, which in general is always a problem, but this is making it way worse.

Glad that things are settling into place for The Blog Connect. We’ve announced our party venue and 90% of the speaker list at this point. At this point it’s just promotion, solidifying the remaining sponsors, and making it as wonderful as we can. I’m super excited.

Proud of myself for getting my taxes done early this year.

Thankful for grocery stores. I think the time I was happiest this whole week was while shopping at Trader Joe’s. Grocery stores are my happy place, man.

Getting closer to being done watching Cheers. I started it months ago, and it’s the slowest moving sitcom I’ve ever watched. It’s amazing how long this has dragged out. That said, I do really like some of the characters. I’m definitely not watching Frasier after this though. I can’t handle another 9 seasons.

Wondering how I’m going to fit in all the travel I’d like to do this year. On my list for “want-to-go-to” places are: Utah, Montana, and Nashville. None of those are on my current “go-to” list though. I’m going to have to figure this out and start making better use of my weekends.

Loving these pop open cards made by Compendium. Actually really loving everything on their site.

Pigging out on Girl Scout Cookies. Give me all the Samoa (I mean Caramel Delites) and Thin Mints.

Enjoying mugicha tea. It’s a barley tea, caffeine free, and has a toasty warm flavor. Perfect for all the cold nights.

That’s it for now. Looking forward to hopefully another low-key week next week. We’ll see if I can make it happen. In the meantime, everyone have a wonderful rest of your weekend.