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Easter Activities and Games

Whether you have children or are a child at heart, there are so many games and activities to play at Easter.  It’s such a fun time – the weather has just gotten a bit warmer outside, everything’s turning green, and people are feeling fun and festive.  Here are some of the ideas that we’ve used with my cousins at our family events in the past:

The Egg Drop

My family has used an egg drop as the Easter activity for at least 5 years at this point.  The majority of the people in my family think like engineers, so it was always an interesting competittion.  In case you’re unaware – the idea behind an egg drop is that you need to be able to shelter and contain an egg as it is put through a series of tests – you know – dropped from shoulder level, dropped from above your head, rolled down the driveway, dropped from the deck, dropped from your parent’s 3-story bathroom window.

The first year we ever did this everybody built their egg containing contraption at home.  The best devices were made using a) diapers, b) foam bath sponges, and c) straws.

After that, we realized that we were going to have to make the challenge harder.  Over the course of the next few years we tried limiting the materials chosen, my mother choosing random items from around the house and building our device on the spot right the day of Easter, and working in teams.

The Boat Sink

One year we switched it up from the Egg Drop and made tin foil boats.  Every cousin was given a sheet of tin foil of the same size and you needed to build a boat that was able to hold the most pennies.  What does it have to do with Easter?  I have no idea, but I guess you could use jellybeans instead of pennies and that would make it more festive.  Also, clearly, I’m in a family of people who think like engineers if we do things like this for fun, huh?

Hidden Hersey Kisses

I did a post on this once, but this is probably one of my favorite Easter activities.  Every year when I wake up my mother has hid 15-20 Hershey kisses around the house.  I have one color kisses and my sister has another and we race to see who can find them all first.  After many many years of this we know most of the secret hiding places, but every year my mom manages to find a new place.  We’ll see what she’s able to come up wtih this year.


I also checked on Facebook to see if anybody else had cool traditions.  Lucky for y’all I heard two really great ideas – and I really want to try both of them.

Make a Bonnet

Rachael (@RamblingsByRach) posted saying that her family makes bonnets for Easter.  It’s a contest and everybody needs to design a bonnet ahead of time and there are dollarstore prizes for all of the winners.  I wonder if I could get my 6 male cousins onboard with this one…

Egg Fights

Alright, admittedly when I read this I thought that Victoria meant that she and her family throw raw eggs at each other, but it turns out I was totally wrong.  It’s apparently a Polish tradition for two people to each hold a hardboiled egg and tap the end against the other person’s egg.  The one whose egg cracks loses.  This sounds like it could definitely be entertaining – and a good way to start the day.  I definitely think I could talk my cousins into this one.


Are there any other Easter traditions that you and your family have?  I’m always looking for more ideas to make my holiday more festive.  Let me know!  And happy hump day!

easter pinterest roundup

This Pinterest thing is growing on me.  I loved spending time browsing pins this week to find fun pins for Easter.  Easter is a holiday that is always at my parent’s house.  My Aunt Lisa always has Thanksgiving, Aunt Mary does Christmas Eve, Aunt Jean does Christmas Day – and my mom always does Easter.  That means that if I make it home with enough time to spare that I might even be able to execute these ideas.

Cookie Ideas
( pin / source)


Sidewalk Chalk Party Favors
( pin / source )


Salt Dough Ornaments
( pin / source )


Pastel Desserts
( pin / source )


DIY Easter Carrot Snacks
( pin / source )


Do you have any favorite Easter ideas for decorations or games?  I think I’m going to do a post on fun Easter activities in the upcoming weeks.  I can think of at least 3 that absolutely need to be shared with ya’ll.

easter “egg” hunts

Yesterday was Easter. This year it was at my house with so so so much food (which really shouldn’t surprise anybody who read the Christmas posts). My friend Carly came home with me for the holiday since she wasn’t able to make it back to her house. Carly and I know each other from my glorious days of RA-ing. We spent Saturday exploring CT because she had never been before (which there will be a blog post about later this week). Then Saturday night my mom asked me if I wanted her to hide the Hershey’s kisses around the house like she always does. I of course said YES.

The next morning all of the kisses were hidden and I told Carly about our adventure. She was so excited! My mother’s commented that “the people at work are never going to believe that I hid Hershey’s kisses for girls in their 20s”.

I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of things like this.

My sister, Carly and I competed. Three different colors of kisses, 15 of each, hidden in 7 different rooms, GO!

I ended up coming in first, Carly came in second and (somehow) my sister came in third… strange.



Do you have any fun Easter traditions?