hey arnold fashion and a talented engineer

While Tory and I were perusing the interwebs to find inspiration for our Hey Arnold Valentines, I quickly worked my way over to Willemijn1991′s deviantART page from google images.  I was absolutely INSPIRED by what one girl created using Hey Arnold as inspiration.  Her name is Willemijn and she’s from the Netherlands.  And did I mention she’s an engineer?  As an “engineer by day, hostess by night” I’ve got to tell you that I absolutely love finding other artsy engineers in the world, it makes me feel less alone.

Look at that!  Look at what she did there!  She created a model based on Arnold and designed an entire set of clothing based on his clothing choices.  After exploring her site for a little bit I learned that she’s done the same thing with all of the main characters – even Grandpa Phil and Pookie!  Then I found out that she did the same exact thing with My Little Pony, Phineas and Ferb, and Spongebob.

I was beyond thrilled when she agreed to answer a few questions about herself for my blog – about what else she does in life, how she got started, and what she’s got in store next.  Read about her below and make sure to check out her gallery.


What are you currently in school for?
I’m currently studying industrial design engenering at the technical university in Delft. It’s a study that focussus on product design, but also includes desing of servises, estatics, ergonomics and design for the future.

How did you decide to go to school for that?
Well, there were a lot of reasons. first of all it is a perfect merging of creativety and technics, two things I really love. And I beleive that to solve problems in the world you have to do it in an economicly commercial way, by seducing people to do the wright thing. And I love to be a part of making that happen.

How long have you been drawing?
Since I could hold a pencil, it is such a huge part of my life, I cant imaging living without it. Often on holiday I sneek away for a few hours to draw becouse I just don’t feel wtight if I don’t.

What program/medium do you use to design?
I make my scetches on paper but I use Photoshop cs5 to compleet the drawing becouse the effect comes across so much better when you upload it on the internet.

What inspired you to start the fashion series?
I wanted to do someting fun and to keep my fashion sence going, becouse I don’t design a lot of clothesin my daily life at school. And for some reason this just popped in my heas and wouldn’t get out.

Which designs have been the most fun for you?
All, they are all very different in the way the proces went about but I can’t say I like one more than the other. Somethimes it was more difficult and I made page after page of scetches and other times it just flowes out of my pen.

How do you go about brainstorming designs for a character?
I usualy watch the series, or at leas a few eppisodes to get a feeling for the caracter. This gives me ideas on what parts of there look to focus on and in what direction I want to go.

If you could be any cartoon character, which one would you be?
That’s a hard question, there are so many I love. I think Eliza Thornberry, becouse it would be so awsome to be able to talk to animals.

Are there any other shows that you are considering using as inspiration?
Well, I want to do a rugrats series and a wild thornberries one. And I’m thinking of doning a pokemon one and that will keep me busy for quite I while, there are so many.

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In addition to her fashion series, she also has a few Disney series – Disney Athletes, Disney Silouhettes, Disney Plus Size Princesses, Modern Princesses, Realistic Princesses, Disney Hogwarts Students, Disney Pin Up Models – gotta love having found another Disney addict.  Be sure to check out her site to see more of her work.


a feature on a day in the life

Look what I found, look what I found!!  I’m way behind on reading blogs again (but catching up today!), and I came across a post in which Stefanie from A Day in the Life featured me and Allie from Beauty and the Feast.  She asked three questions:

1. What I love to blog about
2. What my favorite Olympic moment was
3. What sport I would play in the Olympics

You can find the post here.

(picture from her post, “Life Lately“)

Stefanie commented on my blog one day about blog buttons.  I sent her an email.  She sent me an email.  I sent her an email.  And now I’ve been keeping up with her blog ever since.  AND she just had an adorable baby boy.  Oh, and we had a pretty awesome discussion about zucchini flowers – which always make me happy :)