Small Goals: April 2017

Small Goals - April 2017 via Chrystina Noel

It’s about that time again where we’re talking about monthly goals. It’s been really fun setting short-term goals, they’ve turned out to be much more manageable for me that long-term goals these days. (Not sure what that says about me as a person, I might need to work on this long-term goals thing. For now, I’m going to try not to worry too much about it though.)

Let’s take a look and see how I did on my March goals –

  1. Complete the Whole30.
    Well, you all know how that turned out. I made it 16 days before I was tired of feeling hungry and being angry all the time.
  2. Clean out the fridge & pantry.
    I did this. For the most part. It wasn’t easy though, I’m not good at getting rid of food. I found a co-worker to give some of the better stuff too, but ended up throwing out a bunch of open bags of chips. (Note to self: chips and popcorn don’t go as quickly as parties as you think they’re going to go.) Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson.
  3. Meet 3 cool new people at The Lady Project Summit.
    I did this! I’ve got a small stack of business cards that I ended up with at the end of the event. After years of attending conferences, I’ve finally decided to be more strategic about people with whom I trade business cards. It’s super overwhelming to come back with a whole stack, try to remember what you said to everyone, what you liked about them – and it’s especially difficult to try to stay in touch with that many people. I think I’m going to cheat and use this goal again for this month, actually.
  4. Make some progress on the books on my nightstand. 
    I did pretty well on this one. I cleared off three magazines and two books. That said, I bought at least 2 more books. It’s at least partial progress? The stack definitely looks less likely to fall over, which is really the important part here. Maybe I’ll make it through the whole stack before the end of the year so I can start using my library card again.
  5. Take a load of stuff to Philly AIDS Thrift.
    I managed to do a final pass-through of my bedroom to come up with more stuff to get rid of. I’ve ended up with three different categories of bags: 1 for Philly AIDS Thrift, 1 for The Resource Exchange (they’ll take arts and crafts supplies), and 1 for Career Wardrobe that I will donate at The Blog Connect (they take more professional clothing and unopened toiletries). I’m feeling pretty good about this, I just need to actually find time to drop these things off. We’ll see if I can make that happen any time soon.

Not too shabby. April is a crazy month for me. It’s the month of The Blog Connect Conference, after which I’ve planned 2 weeks of vacation to try to become a sane person again. With all of that in mind, here’s what I’m going to attempt to accomplish in April:

  1. Sort out the tea situation in the kitchen.
    Have I mentioned we have a lot of tea? Like a lot a lot. And we just keep buying more. And I like rooibos teas and Ben likes green teas and that just means that you end up with a million teas. It’s taking over everything. I have a plan. I’ve purchased a stand alone, skinny, rolling spice rack that will slide between the stove and washing machine. Then I will move the spices to the spice rack, move the tea to the drawer that used to have the spices in it, and move the honey to where the tea used to be. We’ll see if that fixes the problem. Right now I just spend a lot of time knocking things over.
  2. Get a great picture of Claire.
    Claire is my cousin’s kid. She’s adorable. I’ll see her at least once in the month of April. It’s so flipping hard to get the shot you want when taking pictures of kids (She’s 15 months. Babies? toddlers? I’m out of my element here.) though. I’m motivated though. Let’s do this.
  3. Talk my cousins into doing one of those “now and then” photos.
    I don’t actually know if this is possible. When you have 6 male cousins and you’re over excited about this thing you saw on Pinterest, sometimes it’s not possible to get them all to do something. (Like coordinating any type of Christmas gift swap…) I’ve got a photo in my head. Now I just need to figure out when all 8 of us are going to be home. Thanksgiving? Christmas? Unclear.
  4. Do a better job playing hostess at The Blog Connect.
    Last year during The Blog Connect I was so worried about the logistics of the conference that I don’t actually remember meeting anyone. Shame on me. The point of hosting a conference is to host a conference. When you play hostess you greet all of your guests up front, make them feel welcome, take the time to get to know them, etc. It’s only 100 attendees. It should be possible. This year I’m hoping to do a better job delegating the day of to actually be able to have some meaningful conversations and do a much better job representing PHLbloggers.
  5. Meet 3 cool new people at Craftcation.
    Part of my two weeks of vacation after The Blog Connect is going to the Craftcation conference in Ventura, CA. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a conference where a bunch of creatives and makers get together to talk about small business and do crafts. I’m a little overwhelmed by the intensity of the schedule, but I’m really hoping to leave with meaningful connections with 3 people. (And to get to hang out with some of the lovely people I know I already love.) What are the chances I can make Emily McDowell one of those people? #dreambig

That’s the plan. I’m most worried about numbers 2 and 3. Mostly because I have no control over either one of them. Wish me luck!

I’m linking up with Nicole from Writes Like a Girl blog, so if you’re looking for a little more goal inspiration in your life, absolutely head on over to check out what everyone else has going on for the month of April.

Small Goals: March 2017

Chrystina Noel Small Goals March 2017

Today I’m linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl to talk about March’s small goals. It’s about 15 days too late for goals, but that just means I only have 15 more days to accomplish them.

But first, let’s take a look at February’s goals to see how I did.

  1. Make my first king cake.
    Success! You can check that out in my Mardi Gras Brunch recap post.
  2. Make Ben a nice Valentine’s Day card.
    I managed this too! That said, it got lost before he was able to open it. Lucky for me I got one photo of it.
  3. Leave work at the office.
    I’ve gotten better. Still not perfect.
  4. Finish the branding for the podcast Jess and I want to start.
    Success. You can check out a preview here.
  5. Get my heat fixed.
    Fail. So hard. That said. It decided to work during the snowstorm, so that was cool. I have no idea why though.

4/5 – I’ll take it. Now onto March’s goals for this year.

  1. Complete the Whole30.
    That’s what the goal would have been at the beginning of the month. Already I’ve decided I’m only doing a Whole28. More on that to come in the recap post. Needless to say, if you’ve been following along with the currently posts, you know I’ve now been partially hungry for 15 days.
  2. Clean out the fridge & pantry.
    While this kind of goes along with the Whole30, there’s also just far too much stuff in my house leftover from parties I’m never going to actually eat or drink. (Popcorn, chips, juice boxes, etc.)
  3. Meet 3 cool new people at The Lady Project Summit.
    I’m a panelist on a blogger panel at The Lady Project Summit in Providence, RI the weekend of March 24 – 26. I’m super excited about it – hope to see some of you there!
  4. Make some progress on the books on my nightstand. 
    I know this was a January goal, but I really think I can do it this month.
  5. Take a load of stuff to Philly AIDS Thrift.
    I’ve had a bag ready to go for a few weeks, I want to take a final pass through things and then get it out of the bedroom. It’s just taking up space. It needs to be gone.

And that’s it. All pretty much cleaning related, but that’s what spring cleaning is all about, isn’t it?

Small Goals: February 2017

Chrystina Noel Small Goals February 2017

One month of small goals down. What have I learned? I really stink at small goals. Well, that might not be true. I’m great at accomplishing things, but I currently have no system in place to accomplish small goals. To explain further, I wrote this great blog post about all the goals I was going to accomplish, but then didn’t write the goals down anywhere I was going to remember to do them.

That said, I totally just looked around my desk and realize I have 4 started to do lists. So I might just need a new to-do list system. I’m waiting for the day that I put my whole life into Asana, but until then, I’ll just rewrite these 4 post-it notes on one new post-it note.

So let’s check in. Here were last month’s goals:

  1. Go through my closet to get rid of anything I haven’t worn in the past year.
    Success. I still feel like I have too much stuff (most of which is basics or dresses), but at least I went through it again.
  2. I want to make progress on the books & magazines on my night stand.
    Not a chance. I’m listening to too many podcasts right now to read books. And I’m not flying enough to have that non-internet time blocked off already.
  3. Repackage my Christmas Ornaments in an efficient way when we take the tree down.
    Yes. It was a beautiful thing. I bought small little bubble bags for each ornament.
  4. Make progress on the blogging e-courses I’ve signed up for.
    Not a chance again. That said, Jess Lively’s Life With Intention Online has started up again and I’m taking that, so maybe that counts.
  5. Figure out how to close down my Chrystina Noel shop.
    I did this right after I finished the last post. I think that’s the key to getting this done.

(Guys. If any of you have any suggestions for how to make small goals, that would be great. Right now I’m having a very difficult time differentiating between small goals and things already on my to-do list.)

For the next month, here’s what I’m going to try to accomplish:

  1. Make my first king cake.
    I can’t believe I’ve never done this before. Working with dough kind of makes me nervous (what if that yeast thing fails?), but I’m excited to give it a try. Mardi Gras brunch  here I come. (The reason this is still on the list even though the brunch is already planned is because I can totally see myself copping out and just making cinnamon buns.)
  2. Make Ben a nice Valentine’s Day card.
    Last year Ben made me a really nice Valentine’s Day card. I tend to get in a card-making rut and they all start to look the same. I’d like to step outside of my comfort zone on this one this year.
  3. Leave work at the office.
    I’ve been really bad about this recently. I’ve been putting personal stuff in the middle of the day resulting in needing to take work home with me in the evenings. It’s not good for my sanity (or anyone around me). So I’m going to start trying to be more productive during the day so I can leave it behind for a few hours.
  4. Finish the branding for the podcast Jess and I want to start.
    Branding is no joke, man. I’m not even trying to get the perfect branding. I’m very aware that whatever branding we create for our podcast is subject to change in the next few months once we learn more about it, but trying to create a logo is nearly impossible if you ask me. I’m far too left-brained for this. I’m just going to have to set time aside and see what I can do.
  5. Get my heat fixed.
    I’ve been without heat for a good number of weeks this winter. It involves carrying a portable space heater up and down the stairs every time I switch rooms, which is kind of obnoxious. I don’t know how people get anything fixed though. Especially things that you kind of need to try something, wait a few days, see if it fixes it, and try it again. WHO HAS TIME FOR THIS. That said. I’m really sick of being cold. So I’m going to have to figure something out.

And that’s it. Let’s see how I do. I’m linking up with Nicole from Writes Like a Girl about Small Goals today. If you’re looking for some inspiration in life head on over to her page to see what she and a bunch of other cool people are doing.

Small Goals: January 2017

Chrystina Noel Small Goals January 2017

Welcome to the first ever Small Goals post here on Chrystina Noel. I’ll be linking up with Nicole from Writes Like a Girl this year to talk about some of my small goals. Essentially, she sets five small goals each month because sometimes major goals can feel unattainable, but small goals can build on each other to help you succeed in the long-term. Each new month I will list 5 new goals and recap on how I did on the previous month’s goals. I’m getting started a little late this time around, but here goes nothing:

  1. Go through my closet and get rid of anything I haven’t worn in the past year. You may know that I did a wardrobe overhaul last year where two blogger friends, Sarah and Sarah, came in to completely gut my closet and help me figure out what was working and what was not working. That said, I think that I’ve found a lot of pieces in the last few months that feel like me, and I want to make sure that I’m only keeping things in my closet that feel like me and the person I want to be. Plus, since Ben moved in I’ve needed to consolidate and so everything’s kind of overflowing again.
  2. I want to make some progress on the books & magazines on my night stand. I went around the house a little bit ago and put all of the books I’ve been meaning to read and all of the magazines I haven’t read yet and put them on my nightstand. This is going to mean less Netflix-ing for a little bit, but I think it will be worth it.
  3. Repackage my Christmas Ornaments in an efficient way when we take the tree down. Right now my ornaments are thrown in a big Tupperware container with a lot of old newspaper pages, paper towels, and plastic baggies. I would really love to make this look nicer and make it easier to get the ornaments in and out of the container.
  4. Make progress on the blogging e-courses I’ve signed up for. There are so many things I’ve paid for that I haven’t had time to do anything with. I would really love to make some progress on these to get my money’s worth and make the blog even better.
  5. Figure out how to close down my Chrystina Noel shop. Now that I’ve officially closed down the card shop there’s no need for me to have a Chrystina Noel company anymore, I can just add everything to my personal taxes for now since there won’t be a sales tax situation anymore.

Thanks so much Nicole for the inspiration! I’m excited to take on some smaller monthly goals for the year.

PS. Check out other cool folks’ small goals on Nicole’s site here.