10 Things about my Podcast Debut

10 things about my podcast debut

Well boys and girls, I can now officially say I’ve explored a new medium of communication. (Yeah, that sounded like I used a Ouija Board, didn’t it? I didn’t. That would officially creep me out.) I’m on my very first podcast! I’m currently visiting Austin on vacation and Nicole & Dago from the Breakfast for Dinner Podcast (#bfdpod) asked if I wanted to be on their show, and of course I said yes! (My initial reaction was: me? Am I cool enough to be on a podcast? I guess Nicole & Dago think I’m cool enough to be on a podcast. Alright, I’ll be on a podcast.)

I’m on Episode 114 which is called Eggs Florentine. You can listen to it here. Here’s the summary:

We have a guest! Chrystina Noel (@chrystinanoel, chrystinanoel.com, @PHLBloggers) is here visiting from Philly. She talks her town blogging in Philly, PHL Bloggers, chrystinanoel.com, staying in touch with friends, throwing parties, dating an introvert, kids shows, Dr. Love, impersonating an adult, Kesha’s legal struggle against Dr. Luke, and The Bachelor. – Dago

I thought it would be fun to give you some behind-the-scenes on how things went, what was cool, and what I would have done differently. Because what’s the fun in something if you don’t analyze it to death afterwards? (This is the part where Nicole would tell me this is a very Chrystina thing to do.)

  1. I was really nervous. And I wasn’t nervous about talking. I’m great at talking. I love to talk. To anyone. All day. I was nervous because after 27 years I’ve finally realized that I’m not a great “first reaction” person. The reaction that I have to something upon initially hearing it is going to be my overly emotional gut instinct that is rarely the opinion I take in the end. Sometimes you need to talk out all the bad ideas before you get to the good one and sometimes you need to get the idea that you’re hung up on completely flushed out before you can move on to a new one. Anyway, this didn’t happen on the podcast, but it does explain why there are times I decided to stay quiet.
  2. It was really cool to be a part of the behind the scenes. They shared the script with me ahead of time, I got to do some research on the news stories, I got to sit at the green kitchen table I hear so much about, I even had a nice cuddle session going on with Tess at one point last night. Very cool.
  3. I feel like I didn’t rep Philadelphia hard enough. I’ve been in Philadelphia 9+ years now. It’s a really awesome city. It’s a neighborhood city with a lot of heart that has flipping delicious food, crazy sports teams fanatics, incredible hospitals, so many museums, bunches of universities, a convention center that is full around the clock, and more festivals than we know what to do with. We love beer. We do pretzels right. Cart food is our jam. And I absolutely love that it’s an approachable city that is super easy to navigate and has so many different pockets of culture. I forgot most of that when we got caught up in a discussion of what a cheesesteak is and what the heck is chicken friend steak.
  4. At first it feels sort of weird because you’re wearing headphones to talk to the people sitting right next to you, but after about 10 minutes I got over that. So that was cool.
  5. I was having trouble figuring out how to turn all my facial expressions into commentary.
  6. Nicole’s impersonating an adult answer is probably my favorite and exactly what I would have wanted to do when I was a teenager.
  7. I love listening to Nicole narrate the Bachelor even more than I love watching the Bachelor. It’s great on air, but the hand motions that go into it in reality are also pretty good.
  8. I really loved narrating the BFQ on BFD. (Every week they take a Buzz Feed Quiz on-air and see what their answers come out to be.) This week’s quiz was Which Fictional 90s Teen Heartthrob is Your Soul Mate? Possible outcomes include: Josh Lucas from Clueless, Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Zack Siler from She’s All That, Jordan Catalano from My So Called Life, Casper McFadden from Casper, Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell, Pacey Witter from Dawson’s Creek, Jack Dawson from Titanic, and Randy Taylor from Home Improvement (JTT).
  9. I’ve tried about 20 times to take this quiz to see if Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World is actually an answer and can’t get him, so if somebody could make that happen that would be great.
  10. Approximately 45 minutes after the pocast ended I texted Tory to see if she wanted to start a podcast of our own. I have no idea if it’s going to happen, but it’ll be fun to dream about for the next few days. You know, in my free time.

And that’s it. That’s how my first podcasting experience went. It was a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll get the chance to do another one day. Or who knows, maybe Tory and I will start our own. Speaking of Tess, here she is again. Have a good day y’all.

Oh. And absolutely let me know who you get as an answer on that Buzz Feed Quiz.

Winning the Lottery

I’m not a gambling girl.

I never gone to a casino just for fun, the prediction market’s not for me, and the Boy Meet’s World “risk, risk, risk, reward, reward, reward” method still makes me nervous. I make the exception for BINGO scratch off tickets though because no matter what I always seem to get $2 worth of fun scratching them off.

At lunch earlier this week one of my old professors explained to me that he doesn’t usually play the lottery either, but in this instance, for 1.5 billion dollars, it’s worth $2 worth of fun to plan what he would do with the money. And that got me thinking. Maybe it’s $2 worth of blog post. What would I do if I won 1.5 billion dollars?

Kristine and Chrystina buy a lottery ticket

So last night Kristine, one of my best friends since 6th grade, and I went to purchase our first Powerball tickets ever. Which resulted in a lot of questions, what the heck is a powerplay? how many draws do you want? and why do you have to choose which night the drawing is on? I also learned a lot. Tickets cost $2 (I thought they were 1), the numbers on the ticket run 1 through 69 (I would have thought it was higher), and you have to put the money in the machine before it will give you the ticket. We even had to ask the guy behind us what some of the screens meant. He was very nice about it though and wished us luck.

So when I got home I sat down to make this list of what I would spend $1.5 billion on. I decided to be conservative and cut the number in half to factor in the taxes. That would leave $750 million.

First I wrote down the basics. Finish paying off my house, take my annual credit card bill and more than double it and multiply it by 50, and buy a car. Didn’t even make a dent.

Then I thought to myself, surely I’d want to give some of the money to other people. I decided I would donate to my old high school, the arts, and to schools around the country. I wrote down $10 million each. Didn’t even make a dent. So just to help the process along I added a 0 onto each one. I decided I’d give some to my parents so they could retired big and I decided I’d pay of $5 million worth of school debt of people close to me starting with family and moving to friends. Then I figured I’d put $10 million away to pay for my non-existant children’s educations. There goes $317 million.

I realized I was going to have to start to get a little crazy. I decided I would build myself a $5 million house in the city (for which my only requirements are huge kitchen, garage, and linen closet). I would invest $100 million in building real estate around the country and put aside $5 million for my wedding one day. I even set aside $20,000 per year to host two extravagent parties every year for the next 50 years – which only totals $1,000,000. And maybe $2 million to travel around the world.

Then I tried to decide what things in life I really don’t like doing so I could pay somebody to do them for me. I came up with address all of my cards and match my socks out of the laundry. That didn’t seem significant enough to write down. I also briefly considered renting out Disney World for the day, but figured that just seemed ridiculous.

Now, you notice I’m not giving you a nice total of how I’m spending this $750 million. That’s because after all this I still have $316 million left. Fail.

Did you spend your $2 on a lottery ticket? What was your plan if you won? Did you even come close to spending it all?

Things that Make me Happy

things that make me happy

On Tuesday I shared with you all that one of my goals for 2016 is to add more me-projects to the schedule. Essentially, do things for me that make me happy. A lot of the time that involves crafting, but that’s not always the case.

My friend Gabby challenged me to come up with a list of things that make me happy. At the time I was having a bad week, so I was only able to come up with three because everything else felt miserable. Lucky for me I didn’t stay in that state for too long and I now have a little more time to think about what really makes me happy. I read somewhere that in order to know what types of activities you may enjoy as an adult you should take a look back at what you used to do for fun when you were a kid. There seemed to be some merit to that, so last night I did a little bit of brainstorming. Here’s what I came up with:

Watching Television

In case you weren’t aware, my sister and I somehow managed to watch 5-7 hours of television a day growing up. It’s actually quite impressive. We would get up early before school (Saved by the Bell), watching immediately after school (PBS), head to soccer practice, come back (Sitcoms), and keep watching until we went to bed (Nickelodeon/TGIF). I love being able to be a part of other people’s lives like that. I love feeling all the emotions. I love being able to think through why things are happening and try to relate them back to my own life. This is why I watch a lot of sitcoms and family dramas and not so much other dramas. It’s also why I still get so much joy out of watching the Disney Channel because I can always count on them for a good plot line without the drama.

Playing Video Games

This is my dad’s fault. Growing up we had an N64 and arcade games in the basement. We had a few other systems, but I never left the N64. I loved getting caught up in Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, and Mario Golf. There was even a soft place in my heart for Pokemon Snap. I spent hours playing Donkey Kong Junior, Ms. Pacman, and Centipede; and to this day I really enjoy finding a good arcade game at a bar and settling down for a while to play. I love the challenge.

Reading Fiction

I don’t think the only reason I read YA Novels growing up was because I was a YA. It’s possible, but I’m pretty sure that’s my happy place. That and romance novels. And yet again, I usually stay in the world of simple reality where you’re just reading people’s emotions and how they feel about situations. I like escaping my own life for a little bit and relating to someone else’s. And lucky for me Aubrey gave me a list of places to start.

Hanging Out with Friends

My favorite Friday nights in middle school were the ones spent at my best friend’s houses eating chips & salsa, drinking fresca, and sneaking york peppermint patties out of the freezer. What did we do together? It didn’t matter. Sometimes we’d play pool in the basement, sometimes we’d have singalongs, and sometimes we’d just lay there for hours and talk. Those were good days.

Dancing to Anything with a Beat

I’m so angry with myself that I left myself forget how much I love dancing. Yesterday I was listening to Little Mix, upon recommendation from Nicole and I was reminded just how much I like dancing. When I started dance lessons in 7th grade I took jazz, ballet, and tap. I was good, not great, but good. Then in high school I started taking hip hop and everything in the world made sense. Dancing to songs with a strong rhythm, being able to add a little sex appeal and hip movements, and having sharp movements instead of graceful ones was the right answer for me. And learning to elevator drop in my kitchen during a slumber party one night sealed the deal.

Dressing Up and taking Pictures

I’ve said before on this blog that I took a lot of selfies in high school, I’ve even shared a bunch of them with you. I used to love getting dressed up and taking photos. After a day of watching America’s Next Top model this was the only logical thing to do. Going back through my photos I’m realizing I haven’t taken any pictures of myself in a long time. Maybe it’s because holding the camera up got a little harder when I got the new body & lens, but I still think I could make it happen.


Driving is one of my favorite ways to spend a day. I love having the freedom to be able to go wherever you want, however you want – and to be able to sing as loud as you want the whole way and no one can hear you. It’s the most relaxing.


I didn’t really discover my love of writing until junior and senior year reflection papers in religion class. It was the first time that somebody told me that I could write whatever I want, however I wanted it and all of a sudden when I was able to use my own format and my own words (no matter how informal) everything came to life on the page. I learned that I love writing in a conversational tone and I love being vulnerable through my writing. It’s probably one of the reasons I’ve had this blog for so long. I also learned that I like writing raunchy romances as much as I love reading them, so maybe more of that will need to be added to my 2016 as well.

Hosting Parties

This one should come as no surprise to you. I hosted my first party in 6th grade and never looked back. I love being able to bring people together, share some laughter, eat some food, and give them a good way to spend an evening. This one is exhausting, but I always feel pretty good afterwards, especially if I got to see a bunch of people I don’t usually get the chance to see in my day-to-day life.


If you talk to most choir people they started singing sometime in elementary school and never looked back. Well, that wasn’t me. I joined church choir in 10th grade, and then I did school choir in 10th grade and 12th grade. It took me until senior year to work up the nerve to quit playing soccer in order to be part of the musical. That said, I did once, in middle school, call up my grandmother and sing her all of Memory from Cats, which was very out of character for our relationship, so I’m still not 100% sure how it happened. But I’m glad I figured this out because it led to a lot of great memories in high school and beyond. So hopefully I can add more singing back into my life, even if it’s just belting out broadway songs in my bedroom.

And that’s it. Those are the 10 things I came up with that make me happy. Now of course, there’s always my list of favorite things and my list of things I believe in, but these are different. These are the things that have always been making me happy and the things that I want to try to bring back into my 27-year-old life. What did you love to do when you were a kid? Do you still make time to do it now?

PS. Don’t forget there are 2016 photo calendars available in the shop.

Hot Fudge and Treats

2015-08-12 Scoop DeVille Giveaway

Remember that hot fudge party I had two weeks ago? Well, at the end of the day my favorite hot fudge was still (and will probably always be) the one from Scoop DeVille here in Philadelphia, PA. And in honor of my 4th Blog Birthday, they have been kind enough to donate a $25 gift card to the good people of Philadelphia (and visitors of Philadelphia).

The hot fudge from Scoop DeVille has been my go-to treat this summer. And ever since listening to Gretchen Rubin’s podcast episode called “Treat Yourself, but resist YOLO” I’ve decided it’s not as bad of a thing as I had thought originally. She talks about the fact that sometimes we do deserve a treat. Sometimes we deserve to be spoiled. And if I only went for ice cream sundaes when I was having a bad day, I would eventually start to associate hot fudge with bad days. And then it would be pity hot fudge. And nobody wants pity hot fudge. (Granted, I’m pretty sure she says you’re not supposed to treat yourself with food if you can avoid it, but you can’t always get all the rules right, can you?)

We all deserve a treat every now and again. Some things that are treats for me include:

  • Hot Fudge
  • Bubble Tea
  • Watching Disney Channel sitcoms
  • Buying a new book
  • Sleeping in until 9:00
  • Browsing the sale shelves of West Elm on my walk home from work

What are some of your favorite treats?

Don’t forget to enter the Scoop DeVille giveaway for a $25 giftcard. Even if you don’t eat hot fudge. They’ve got some delicious blended options as well. Absolutely worth checking out.

This giveaway closes Wednesday, August 19.

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