Making Bridal Shower Question Game Cards

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards via Chrystina Noel

I’m not sure if y’all are aware are not, but by far the most popular blog post on this blog is a post called Ideas for Bridal Shower Question Game.  That post features a list of questions that my friend Marie used during a friend’s bridal shower.  She also wrote a post for me about how she executed the game called Bridal Shower Question Game, by MXK.

Sara’s bridal shower last weekend was the first chance that I got at making the question cards on my own.  I called Marie on a Friday night – or she called me – I can’t remember, and she was telling me her to do list and the question cards were still on the list.  As I was sitting in my room (yes, on a Friday night) catching up on Girls, I realized I could probably be of use and offered to make the question cards.  How hard could it be?

Marie said yes and sent me a copy of the color scheme I was looking to match.

Sara's Bridal Shower Favors Sent By Marie

I got to work the second I hung up the phone, and approximately 15 minutes after I started I realized it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought it was.  I literally went through over 20 itterations – all on the same few notecards.  There were rounded corners, pointed corners, and fancy corners.  There were stamps, ribbon, additional cardstock colors, watercolors, and markers.  There was white ink, blue ink, and black ink.

Here are some of my works in progress.  Can I call them works in progress if I never finished them?  I guess they’re just works.

Please note the four different corners on this card.  None of them really wowwed me.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 03

After Pinterest searching and finding this pin I attempted to make watercolor flowers in the corner of the card, but it didn’t seem like the right feel.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 04

I tried to make a really bold question word on the top and decorate it with flowers, but it somehow still felt too plain – even with the rounded corners.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 05

I tried to find cardstock with similar colors to the picture Marie sent to me, but it felt tacky once I was done with it – even with the rounded corners.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 06

I thought that I could keep it simple using markers, but couldn’t find the right shade of pink to get the job done.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 08

My roommate suggested that I pull out stamps.  I tried putting ribbon at the bottom.  And I tried finding a larger width marker to use.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 07

Once I started writing questions on my sample cards, I realized that I really liked the white flowers stamped in the background – it added a little bit of texture.  My roommate and I decided that the ribbon at the bottom was too much with all of the details.  The ribbon was actually my second favorite option.

Here’s a look at the final product.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 09

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 10

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 11

For a full list of questions, check out the Ideas for Bridal Shower Question Game blog post here.

Also, I feel the need to tell you that if I were to do this again, I would try to make the cards into envelopes that could be sealed – similar to the individual cards that I made for everybody at my 25th birthday party.

I actually really enjoyed watching Sara answer these questions, it was fun to see which ones she worded the exact same way as Steve and which ones she had absolutely no idea about.  It was also pretty amusing that every time Sara got a question wrong she had to add a piece of bubble gum to her mouth, so by the end it was pretty hysterical.

Do you have any tips about bridal shower question games or the cards themselves?  I’d love to see what some of you have come up with!

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Ideas for Bridal Shower Question Game

My very good friend Marie recently wrote a post for me called “Bridal Shower Game, Question Cards, by MXK“, and here is the list of questions that she used while playing the game.  Just to recap what was learned in the previous post, Marie created a list of questions, asked them all to the groom, and then re-asked them all to the bride during the bridal shower to see how many she would guess correctly.  I recommend clicking over to the other post to see how she made it all happen.  (Marie also wrote a post about the Bridal Shower Purse Game if you need more activities.  Check it out!)

Bridal Shower Question Game Cards via Chrystina Noel

Here’s what her question cards looked like.  Aren’t they adorable?  If you’re looking for design ideas for bridal shower question cards, check out my post called Making Bridal Shower Question Game Cards. Below are the questions that she used on the cards:

The Questions

  1. What is the first the Groom noticed about the Bride?
  2. Where was your first date?
  3. What is the Groom’s favorite meal the Bride prepares?
  4. What is the Groom’s least favorite meal the Bride prepares?
  5. What is the Groom’s favorite color?
  6. What and where was the Groom’s first job?
  7. What was the Groom’s first car?
  8. When and how did you start dating?
  9. Where was your first kiss?
  10. Who said ‘I love you’ first?
  11. How many children does the Groom want?
  12. How many children does the Bride want?
  13. What is the Groom’s favorite thing about the Bride?
  14. What is the Bride’s favorite thing about the Groom?
  15. When did the Groom know it was love and the Bride was ‘the one’?
  16. What is the Groom’s favorite band?
  17. What would the Groom say is the Bride’s most annoying habit?
  18. What would the Bride say is the Groom’s most annoying habit?
  19. Who proposed? How and where did it happen?
  20. Is the Groom right-handed or left-handed?
  21. What nickname does the Groom hate being called?
  22. What was the first movie you watched together?
  23. What is the Groom’s favorite dessert?
  24. What was the Groom’s favorite toy as a kid?
  25. What’s the Groom’s favorite restaurant?
  26. When the Groom was little, what did he want to be when he grew up?
  27. What was the Groom’s first job?
  28. What high school did the Groom attend?
  29. Did the Groom have any pets growing up?
  30. What is the Groom’s favorite game?

Ideas for Printing

Need heavy white cardstock to print? Or maybe colored cardstock in vintage colors instead? What about classy embellishment flowers to make the cards a little more fun? Or to keep it simple, try putting these gold-foiled champagne glass stickers on the back of each card?

Free Bridal Shower Question Game Printable Cards

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2015-03-18 Bridal Shower Question Game Cards 03 v2

Download the Bridal Shower Question Game Cards for Free

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Bridal Shower Question Game, by MXK

Hi everybody, I’m sure you all remember Marie from my Afternoon Tea  post.  Today she’s going to be guest blogging (that’s right ladies and gentlemen, I’ve entered the world of guest blogging) and sharing with us these awesome cards that she made to use as a bridal shower game.  Enjoy!!  (thank you, Marie!!)  PS.  The picture’s were taken by Marie’s brother’s fiancee (and they’re awesome).

Bridal Shower Question Game Cards via Chrystina Noel

Greetings!  One of my close friends from home is to be wed on St. Patrick’s day this year, and I am one of her faithful bridesmaids to see her through this momentous occasion in her life.  Her bridal shower occurred this past January 28th ,2012.  For her bridal shower, each of us bridesmaids divided, and most certainly conquered, tasks to pull together a spectacular bridal shower.  My most important task was to put together a simple game (one that is done at many bridal showers). 

The game: We ask the groom a set of questions well before the bridal shower.  At the bridal shower, we ask the bride the questions and she has to guess his answers.  Some of the questions we asked the groom were: What is groom’s favorite color?  Is groom right-handed or left-handed?  What would the groom say is the bride’s most annoying habit?  Who said I love you first?  Where did groom propose?  What was groom’s first job?

As you may surmise, these questions allow the audience to learn more about the couple and see how well they know each other.  The twist to this game is that if the bride gets the question wrong, she has to chew bubbalicious bubble gum.  It can be quite interesting to see someone chew 7 pieces of bubble yum gum if they answered 7 questions wrong while trying to answer the next question.

I wanted to add an additional twist to the game.  My inspiration came from a bridal shower I attended last year for one of my cousin’s.  The maid of honor mounted the questions on beautiful cards and gave them out to the attenddees of the shower so that the audience could engage in the game as well by asking the bride the questions when it came to their numbered card.  In addition, the cards were lovely enough to keep.  Thus, I decided to make handmade cards in hopes that the bride and groom would keep them and have something to look back on throughout their life of where they started. 

So, if you haven’t been paying attention – – 

Bridal Shower Question Game Cards via Chrystina Noel

My Mission: Making about 20 of the same homemade cards.  They had to be simple enough to replicate, but beautiful enough to make a keepsake.  Color inspiration was easy as the bridal shower colors were predetermined by the bride: green and purple, (which is slightly different than the actual wedding day colors). 

The Materials: Cardstock paper in green, purple, and cream, Fine sharpie markers in purple and green, and Ribbons in … can you guess it??? Yes! Green and Purple!  Simple right?

The Tools: Borrowed an awesome Papercutter and a design edger from craft extraordinaire Chrystina Noel

My Plan of attack:
I worked on these cards over a period of 2 days.  The first day I cut down the green and purple paper (unfortunately I no longer have the cards in my posession so the dimensions I am unsure (purhaps 4×6 inches?).  I also cut down the cream paper (writing portion) and played around with how I wanted to use the paper design edger.

The second day I was in a time crunch and my sidekic, Matt assisted.  We started working on these cards at 9 p.m. at night.  I put him to edging the cards (maybe not the best choice because of the limited number cream paper I precut), while I worked on ribbons.  After some slight frustrated outbursts because the materials were not cooperating as planned, Matt and I switched tasks.  He glued the cream paper on the green or purple cards while I design-edged the cream paper.  We took a break to go to the diner to eat some sustenance as well as coffee to keep us awake.  What was a savior was some good music, Matt singing and being comical as well as the occasional finger on the ribbon while I tied.

What would I have done differently?  Honestly, what I chose fell into place quite beautifully, and I love how they came out and so did everyone else, especially the Bride (she loved the game).    I wish I would not have procrastinated so much (but then I wouldn’t be me).  Also, the paper – design-edger was finicky and would get stuck down – despite the right amount of love handling, I think we just overused it.  Maybe something that can hold up to a lot of repeated punching of paper would be good.  Any suggestions? 

All in all, this mission was a complete success. 

Bridal Shower Question Game Cards via Chrystina Noel

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