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For the project that I want to share with you today, I admit that I may have been inspired by Elise Blaha, who blogs over at enJOY it.  I’m inspired by her a lot actually, this time I just put it into action.  Between her project life albums, project branding, and homemade invitations there’s always something to be inspired by.

I wanted to send everybody a thank you card for coming to my birthday party.  It was the least I could do after they put so much effort into the cards that I got.  I also admit that I felt kind of guilty that I did not get to spend as much time with everybody as I wanted to, so I thought this would be a nice way to touch base with everyone.  Also, I had almost everybody’s address already from sending out so many New Year’s Cards.

First I took out my graphics tablet and started writing, that’s how most of my design works.  I pick a simple word and try to make it look as cool as possible.  Usually this takes at least 20 tries.  Originally, I was aiming to design a postcard because they are cheaper to send out and quick and easy to write; however, I filled both sides of the card without leaving room to fit an address (oops).  In the end, I liked my design so much that I opted to send postcards inside of envelopes.  I calculated that I need 50 post cards.  Currently, a postcard stamp is 34 cents and a letter stamp is 49 cents.  I was talking about the difference between $17 and $24.50 for shipping costs, so I went for it.

I ordered the postcards from Overnight Prints again.  I opted for rounded corners again because I liked how swanky it looked the last time.  Also, I found out that there was an option for me to add 50 white envelopes to the order for $2.00 extra, which was totally worth it for me for the convenience factor.  (The next thing that I need to buy for the convenience factor is a return address stamp.)

Take a look at my final design, I was super proud of them.

birthday thank you cards 1 birthday thank you cards 2

Here are some notes from the process.

  • The black looks really cool, but easily gets fingerprints all over it.  So if you’re OCD, it might not be the greatest option for you.  (Also, apparently from the picture above, they get dusty.)
  • The only writing instrument that worked on the shiny finish was a Sharpie, and all the colors that I used ended up looking lighter than expected.  (See below.)
  • I loved the “you’re awesome” that I wrote, but I realized after the fact how awkward the writing space that I ended up with was – so I would probably try to leave a larger square-ier blob of space next time.  (Yes, that’s right – larger, square-ier blob.)

birthday thank you cards 3

I feel like there are so many other words I could do this with besides “thanks” – oh the possibilities!

greeting card mondays episode 01

I’ve started making cards again.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I definitely did stop for a while.  Probably because this year I decided to send out birthday stickers instead of birthday cards.  As of right now I’ve only sent out birthday stickers through May I believe, which officially makes me three months behind.  Which is approximately how far behind I usually am on cards.  However, I probably won’t be doing this sending stickers thing again after 2013 on a mass scale because I’ve learned exactly how expensive it is to send them.  It’s crazy – like $2 per package.  Plus the cost of stickers, plus the cost of shipping supplies.  I could have just taken them out for fancy Starbucks drinks in the meantime.

Anyway, there are a few occasions in 2013 that I am still making cards for – parties (birthday parties, bridal showers, weddings,) and thank you cards.  So, enjoy two cards that I created in the meantime.

yellow, black, and white thank you card via ChrystinaNoel

yellow, black, and white thank you card close-up via ChrystinaNoel

yellow black and white thank you

my favorite thing: the complimentary patterns and textures
the challenge:
honestly, my biggest problem with this card is that I was waiting for a picture order to come in from Rite Aid for me to put in the card and Rite Aid decided to completely screw me over and I don’t have the pictures and the card is officially a month late (read: still not sent)

- – - – - – - – - -

purple birthday card front via ChrystinaNoel

purple birthday card back via ChrystinaNoel

purple birthday card

my favorite thing: yet again, the way the patterns and textures work together
the challenge: deciding whether or not to round the corners on the 4 different papers in the front, I’m still not sure I made the right decision

What do you think, would you have rounded the corners or left them at right angles?

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an asymmetrical thank you card

I’m trying to branch out of my normal card comfort zone these days.  After spending so much time browsing greeting card blogs and seeing a whole new world of possibilities – I figure I should start pushing myself a little bit harder.  I recently went on an awesome vacation to Los Angeles, and here’s the thank you card I made for my dad’s cousin.