The Bridal Shower Question Card Game

Bridal Shower Question Card Game via Chrystina Noel

Now that it’s May, if you’re a twenty- or thirty-something you’re probably finding yourself in the middle of Bridal Shower season. If you’re in the bridal party, you may even be responsible for planning one of these bridal showers. One of the most popular bridal shower games these days is the Bridal Shower Question Card Game. Why? It’s not overly embarrassing, it’s low energy, and it kind of reminds all of us of those quizzes we used to love taking online. Today, I’m compiling all of my resources for the bridal shower question game in one place. This post will answer:

  • What is the Bridal Shower Question Card Game?
  • How do I execute the Bridal Shower Question Card Game?
  • What questions should I use for the Bridal Shower Question Card Game?
  • How do I make my own Bridal Shower Question Game Cards?
  • What is another idea for a Bridal Shower Game?

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What is the Bridal Shower Question Card Game?

The Bridal Shower Question Card Game is a game used at bridal showers where you ask the groom a series of approximately 20-30 questions before the shower and then ask the bride those same questions during the shower and see if she can come up with the same answers the groom did.

This is a great game to get to learn more about the couple that’s not super over the top or interactive.

Bridal Shower Question Card Game via Chrystina Noel
Bridal Shower Question Card Game via Chrystina Noel

I was first introduced to the Bridal Shower Question Card Game by my friend Marie. Above you can see photos of what her Bridal Shower Question Game Cards looked like. You will see from this post that you can dress the cards up, or dress them down based on your needs (and the amount of time you have).

How do I execute the Bridal Shower Question Card Game?

  1. Choose a list of 20-30 questions about the Bride and Groom’s relationship, the Bride, or the Groom.
  2. Ask the Groom these questions ahead of time.
  3. Decide what’s going to happen if the Bride gets a question right or wrong. If she gets it right, she might just be safe, she might get a piece of candy, get a dollar, or she might get to take a happy-face photo with the card. If she gets it wrong she might have to add a(nother) piece of gum to her mouth, eat a Bertie Bott’s jellybean, get a pie in the face, or she might have to take a sad-face photo with the card itself.
  4. Transfer the questions and answers on to cards to be read during the bridal shower.
  5. Sit the Bride down in the chair of honor and read her each question asking her to guess the Groom’s response.

Feel free to spread the cards out among the guests so everybody gets a chance to participate.

What questions should I use for the Bridal Shower Question Card Game?

  1. What is the first the Groom noticed about the Bride?
  2. Where was your first date?
  3. What is the Groom’s favorite meal the Bride prepares?
  4. What is the Groom’s least favorite meal the Bride prepares?
  5. What is the Groom’s favorite color?
  6. What and where was the Groom’s first job?
  7. What was the Groom’s first car?
  8. When and how did you start dating?
  9. Where was your first kiss?
  10. Who said ‘I love you’ first?
  11. How many children does the Groom want?
  12. How many children does the Bride want?
  13. What is the Groom’s favorite thing about the Bride?
  14. What is the Bride’s favorite thing about the Groom?
  15. When did the Groom know it was love and the Bride was ‘the one’?
  16. What is the Groom’s favorite band?
  17. What would the Groom say is the Bride’s most annoying habit?
  18. What would the Bride say is the Groom’s most annoying habit?
  19. Who proposed? How and where did it happen?
  20. Is the Groom right-handed or left-handed?
  21. What nickname does the Groom hate being called?
  22. What was the first movie you watched together?
  23. What is the Groom’s favorite dessert?
  24. What was the Groom’s favorite toy as a kid?
  25. What’s the Groom’s favorite restaurant?
  26. When the Groom was little, what did he want to be when he grew up?
  27. What was the Groom’s first job?
  28. What high school did the Groom attend?
  29. Did the Groom have any pets growing up?
  30. What is the Groom’s favorite game?

How do I make my own Bridal Shower Question Card Game Cards?

Making your own Bridal Shower Question Cards is very easy. The only things you need are card stock in a color that matches the Bridal Shower colors and a marker. If you’re looking to jazz them up a little bit you can buy ribbon, stickers, glitter, or watercolors to match them to the bridal shower theme. Here are a few ideas I came up with when making my own:

DIY Bridal Shower Question Card Game Cards via Chrystina Noel
DIY Bridal Shower Question Card Game Cards via Chrystina Noel
DIY Bridal Shower Question Card Game Cards via Chrystina Noel
DIY Bridal Shower Question Card Game Cards via Chrystina Noel
DIY Bridal Shower Question Card Game Cards via Chrystina Noel
DIY Bridal Shower Question Card Game Cards via Chrystina Noel

If you’re not into the DIY scene, you can use these pre-made Bridal Shower Question Game cards for your own shower. They are the size of half sheets of paper and have the 30 questions listed above on them.

Bridal Shower Question Game Cards

Bridal Shower Question Game Cards

Get a FREE Bridal Shower Question Card Game Printable

What is another idea for a Bridal Shower Game?

Another favorite bridal shower game is the “What’s in Your Purse” game. The premise is that you come up with a list of items that everybody might be able to find in their purses. Right before the game starts, everyone grabs their purse, and then the game facilitator reads out a list of items. The first one to find the item in their purse wins. It’s also pretty low key, no one is put on the spot, and it’s always kind of fun to see what kind of treasures you can find in your purse. You can learn more about the What’s In Your Purse game here.

37 Wedding Day Emergency Kit Items

Maid of Honor Wedding Day Emergency Kit Items Checklist via Chrystina Noel

A guest post by Victoria Napolitano about the top items to include in a Maid of Honor Wedding Day Emergency Kit.

On my wedding day, the hook on the waist strap inside my gown came loose. Luckily, the front desk of the hotel was able to send up a sewing kit, so that hiccup did not turn into a disaster.

I got married before all of my friends did. While being the bridal trailblazer was sometimes tough, I’m glad that it prepared me well to be a good bridesmaid to my loved ones down the road. I feel that as a bridesmaid, and especially when serving as matron of honor, that it’s my job to make sure the bride does not need to sweat the small stuff. She has just spent months handling all the logistics of a wedding, which is no small task, and by the time the wedding day arrives, I don’t want her to worry about a thing. If she can look back on her wedding day and say the only thing she worried about was not tripping on her way up the aisle, then I did my job.


For me, a big part of this is the Wedding Day Emergency Kit. I like to be prepared (maybe overly-so). I’ve compiled and updated this list over time based on lists I’ve found around the web and based on my own experience. I daresay this is the most comprehensive list you will find, and should help you solve most minor emergencies.

I like to group together like items (leaky items, things that must stay dry, etc.) for organization and to keep things in good condition. Last time I got all of the small items into a large travel jewelry roll like this one, which made finding things a breeze. You can fit everything on my list into a medium-sized bag. I’m happy to say that I haven’t had to use all of the items in this kit, but I do want to highlight the ones that I think are must-haves in any Wedding Day Emergency Kit:


Sure, it’s definitely a good idea to have an extra pair of pantyhose for the bride, if she is wearing them. Those suckers can rip at any time. But the most important reason to keep these around is that they are the perfect way to get deodorant off of clothing. This is a little-known trick that works like a charm. Throw a knee-high over your hand and rub the deodorant lightly, and it lifts away like magic. This came in handy at the last wedding I was at, where we were all wearing navy blue gowns!


Speaking of which, bring a travel-sized deodorant. Someone is either going to forget to put it on, or is going to need to reapply. One time it was the bride’s grandma!

Water bottle and a straw

Always make sure you have some water on hand in case the bride feels thirsty (or gets nervous dry mouth before the ceremony). And, make sure you have a straw on hand so she doesn’t spill on her dress or ruin her lipstick.


You should tuck one in your hand with your bouquet, and if you’re the MOH, bring an extra for the bride. I don’t care if you think you are a true stoic. You’re about to watch one of the dearest people in your life experience one of the greatest joys of their lifetime, and you will cry. Better to be able to dab elegantly than sniffle loudly or wipe your nose and face with your hands.


Someone is going to get a blister from those shoes. Last time, it was me.

Safety pins

And, someone is going to have a wardrobe malfunction that needs to be repaired quickly. You need these in case you aren’t lucky enough to be at a hotel that carries sewing kits, like I was! At the last wedding I was a part of, I used safety pins to make a groomsman’s too-loose rented pants fit better, loosen a too-tight rental necktie, and tighten a too-loose neck strap.

These items should cover the most common wedding day mishaps, and you can choose from the rest of the list to customize your Wedding Day Emergency Kit for your bride, bridal party, and venue. But, the most important thing you can bring to a wedding is a positive attitude! The combination of entering into marriage and throwing a logistically-complicated party for everyone she knows is bound to make any wedding day an emotional one for the bride. Having breath mints on hand is great, but what she needs more than anything is her most trustworthy friend to remind her that everything is going to turn out great!

The Full List (in alphabetical order)

  1. Antihistamines
  2. Band-aids
  3. Breath Mints
  4. Cash
  5. Clear Nail Polish
  6. Clothing Tape
  7. Comb
  8. Contact-Safe Eye Drops
  9. Cotton Balls
  10. Cough Drops
  11. Deodorant
  12. Earring Backs
  13. Floss
  14. Hair Pins
  15. Hair Spray
  16. Hand Sanitizer
  17. Ibuprofin
  18. Lint Roller
  19. Mirror
  20. Nail Clippers
  21. Nail File
  22. Pantyhose
  23. Pen
  24. Perfume
  25. Ponytail Holder
  26. Q-Tips
  27. Safety Pins
  28. Sewing Kit (with scissors)
  29. Sharpie
  30. Shout Wipes and/or Tide Pen
  31. Snacks
  32. Static Guard
  33. Tampons
  34. Tissues
  35. Tums
  36. Tweezers
  37. Water Bottle and Straw

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Maid of Honor Wedding Day Emergency Kit Items Checklist via Chrystina Noel

Save the Date Designs

A few months ago I got the chance to make a friend’s save the dates. I didn’t exactly know what I was getting myself into, but I knew that I love photoshop, I have a decent eye for design, and I would love to expand my design repertoire, so I figured, why not?  I had agreed to do them for free as well, which gave me the opportunity to download as many free fonts as I wanted, which made the process all the more fun.

These are my friends Jenn & Dan.  The colors  of their wedding are pink & lime green. I’m warning you now that the shade of lime green does not translate well into web colors, so I apologize. I need you to jus tkind of roll with that part.

The first thing I did was browse Pinterest to see what other people were doing for Save the Dates. Goodness gracious, there are so many options. So I decided to just start designing and see what happened next.  Here’s what I came up with –

(PLEASE NOTE: If you are invited to this wedding that is not the date of the wedding. Please check your final save the date for that information.)

save the dates 01 save the dates 02 save the dates 03 save the dates 04 save the dates 05 save the dates 06 save the dates 07

What did I learn from this experiment? Limitless creative freedom is a daunting thing. I now understand why Etsy shop owners & large online printers have so many templates, because with a template both you (and the person who ordered them) know exactly what they’re getting into.

I learned that it’s easier to develop your own style as a designer, make a few designs that look like the rest of your brand and offer those to people who are attracted to your style, otherwise the custom card designs take far too long to hash out the details.

I was also reminded that Jenn & Dan are ridiculously adorable together, Dan looks quite good in a bowtie, & Jenn’s smile is gorgeous.

Now, none of what I said about limitless freedom and designing templates is a reflection on working with Jenn, she’s absolutely wonderul; this was about me learning how to design & define my own style since I hadn’t had the chance to do this before.  She even gave me my favorite new shiny accessory as a thank you. Check out SilverHandwriting‘s shop to buy your own special shiny accessory for someone in your life.

Anyway, thanks to Jenn & Dan for letting me try my hand at designing the save the dates, can’t wait to celebrate with you on your big day!!

How did your Save the Date process go?

My Wedding Dress

And by wedding dress I mean the dress that I wear to weddings. (I fooled you, didn’t I?)

That’s right, I pretty much have only one dress that I wear to weddings these days, and here it is:

2015-04-09 my wedding dress

I bought it at an outlet store in Atlantic City 6 years ago. It has pockets. It always looks flattering. It allows for me to eat a hefty dinner, it’s perfect.

At this point I’ve been to 15 weddings – and I don’t think the mid-twenties rush has started yet. That said, I think I’ve worn this dress to a pretty decent number of them. That’s the great part about having so many different groups of friends, none of them every notice that it’s the same dress. (Until now, because I’m flat up telling y’all.)

This year I have five weddings coming up. I think I can get away with wearing my dress to at least four of them. That said, I somehow accidentally found myself on the Modcloth site yesterday at work and now I want to buy all of these dresses too –

Mod Cloth Dresses for Weddings

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

And no, this isn’t a Modcloth inspired post, this is me trying to justify searching through dresses for over thirty minutes when I will probably not buy one.

So what do you do, do you buy a new dress for every wedding you attend? Do you reuse them? Do you make use of your bridesmaids dresses to add a few more to the circuit? And for goodness sake, can somebody please tell me place to buy cute cardigans?

Help an engineer out.