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There are so. many. things. happening today in the world.  My shop opens today!  I even designed a new piece to my logo just for my shop, look at how pretty it is!

Chrystina Noel Shop Logo

So, you can head on over to my shop and browse around.  There are some unique individual cards, some card sets, a bunch of postcards, and an upcoming calendar which I’ve started working on already.  I’m incredibly excited to share some of my handmade goodies with all of you, and I hope that you like what you see.

Today also starts day #1 of 31 days of writing.  I will be blogging each one of the 31 days in October and the topic I’ve chosen fallen under the category of personal endeavor.  For the month of October I will send out a greeting card to a friend every day to celebrate something.  Anything really.  Just a message to let them know that I’m thinking about them.  I will be making duplicates of every card and come November 1 they will all be available in the shop.  See how we came full circle there?

In case you’re new here (hello!), you may not know that from the time I was in high school, whenever anybody asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up, the answer was always – I want to own a greeting card shop.  Then I went to college for architectural engineering, and somehow the answer at the end of the day was still – I want to own a greeting card shop.  Now here I am, 3 years later (that makes me 25 if you’re trying to do the math) – and today I can finally say – I own a greeting card shop.

I also want to let you know when I first started developing this dream it was going to be a greeting card shoppe.  That’s right s – h – o – p – p – e, but somewhere along the way I realized that sounded far to prissy for a girl who would live in jeans and oversized earrings all the time if it weren’t for her corporate day job.  Anyway.

In honor of my shop kicking off I decided that instead of making a greeting card on the first day I would send out the postcards that I created last month.  Yes, I understand this sounds a little bit like cheating, but just to clear your head of that thought I sent out FIVE postcards instead of one, just to get my point across.  And the best part?  These postcards are all available in my shop today if you’d like to send some as well.  Here’s what they look like:

celebrate script postcard cheers script postcard hello script postcard smile script postcard thanks script postcard

What other words do you think I could put on a postcard?

Thanks again to everyone who’s stopping by.  And absolutely feel free to make some requests about what kind of out-of-the-ordinary milestones in life I can celebrate as I’m making cards this month.  Maybe you finally cleaned out your garage, or it’s the first time you landed that jump on your skateboard, or you somehow made it down the stairs without tripping today.  Let me know what ordinary occassions you like to celebrate in your own life and maybe I can find a way to make a card for them.

WITCH HatToday’s WITCH number is 21.

behind the the blog

First. Consider starting your day by watching this Evolution of Miley Cyrus video done by a really awesome a cappella group out of New York City called The Current. You can find it here on Loudr, here on YouTube, and you can even buy it here on iTunes. Spread the word, and remember, you heard it here first. Oh, and I sang in choir those two guys at the start of Party in the USA (at 1:55) for a few years, they’re pretty wonderful too.

Second. Are you signed up for my monthly newsletter yet?  My shop opens on Wednesday, October 1 and I’m flipping pumped. Sign up below to get the inside scoop.

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Third. A few days ago I came across a post on Betsy’s blog called Behind the Blog and I thought it was really interesting. As a reader, it’s easy to see new content as it’s coming on the blog, but the behind the scenes thoughts and processes are never all that clear. I decided I wanted to play along. If you’re new here (hello!), maybe you can find some fun posts to browse through.  And if you’re not new here (hello to you too!), maybe you’ll get a chance to reread a post that really inspired you the first time (a girl can dream, can’t she?).

favorite post to write //
I had a really good time writing the How To Eat Your M&Ms post.  Anything that involves a diagram always makes me happy.

most frustrating photo shoot //
Every holiday post I’ve ever done at someone else’s house, whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas or whatever other holiday we’ve come up with, I just can’t ever seem to get enough light. This year, I’m going to step up my game. I don’t know how yet, but I really need to do these experiences more justice.

post i’m most proud of //
I’m oddly torn between the post about when I got my wisdom teeth taken out (I somehow managed to say everything I wanted to say and be moderately witty about it) and this How To Plan Your Birthday Party post I have featured on Plum Deluxe (there’s an infographic, that’s hard to argue with).

popular post i didn’t think would be a big deal //
By far the post that drives the most people to this blog is the one about the Ideas for Bridal Shower Question Game. I didn’t even write it, but it constantly gets 7 times more traffic than any other post I’ve ever written.

post i was expecting to take off that didn’t //
I hosted a wine and cheese week on my blog back in 2012. I partnered with a few restaurants around Philadelphia to help write posts and I really thought some of them were going to hit it big. The posts were Understanding 8 Basic Wines with Tria, 5 Tips for Pairing Food & Wine with Talula’s, & Pairing Pizza and Wine with Zavino.

the closest to pinterest-famous i’ve ever gotten //
Other than this pin which correpsonds to the bridal shower question game listed above, the Danny Tanner Full House Valentine Tory and I created and the Logistics of a Wine and Cheese Party pin do pretty well.

quickest post i’ve ever written //
The all-picture posts were pretty quick. I’ve stopped doing them though because I felt like it was taking away from the content and looked more like a photography blog to first time visitors.

most successful link-up post //
I’ve recently started a new link-up #1down1up on Fridays where people talk about the best and worst thing that happened to them during their week. 2 weeks ago I had 6 people link-up and I was pretty proud of that.

weirdest search term to find my blog //
Most of my search terms have to do with bridal shower question game or corny choir puns, but I do love the fact that you can type in I hate showering and my blog comes up. #sorrynotsorry


What about you, what are some of your favorite posts that you’ve written or have read?  I’m always looking for new ideas.

halloween bingo cards

Halloween Bingo Cards 001

Last night I stayed up late to finish the Halloween BINGO cards for everyone who’s going to be playing WITCH this October.

Every day in October I will post a number and you mark off the number on your card.  The first person to get five number sin a row wins as soon as they post a comment on my blog.  Your prize will be a homemade set of custom greeting cards from yours truly.

Does anybody else want to play along?  There’s plenty of time to ship you a card.  Just email me your mailing address at chrystinanoeldesignsATgmailDOTcom.  We’ve got 8 people already, and personally, I think they can use a little more competition.

Halloween Bingo Cards 002

one down, one up 09

one down, one up 09-26-2014

one down 

I want to start my down by saying that I had a lovely time visiting Pittsburgh for Oktoberfest this past weekend.  I got to hang out with a lot of cool people that I don’t get to see very often.  I got to wear that cute outfit that you see above.  And the 5.5 hour car ride wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  (Yes, it’s 5.5 hours from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.)

You know this has got to be good when I start by caveating it, right?

We started drinking at noon on Saturday.  I also want to point out that I was never actually drunk on Saturday, I paced myself to the extreme.  Around 9:30pm the first group of people headed out.  They called an Uber, and took the car home the 35 minutes to the house we were staying at outside of the city.  Around 10:30 I started to get antsy.  By 11:00, I knew that I wanted to go home, but really wasn’t sure logistically how to get there.  We had taken a school bus to the bar we were, so I wasn’t quite sure where we were in the city.  I had no car (yes, I was sober).  My phone wasn’t connecting to the internet.  People weren’t sure where they were going next.  And all of a sudden, I felt trapped.  I don’t know if this has happened to anybody else, but when I start to feel trapped, I start to get really agitated really quickly.  By the time the logistics were coordinated, the switch in my brain had already flipped.  I walked into the house we were staying at, put on my pajamas, and crawled into bed – all completely deadpan.  (Is that word used correctly?)  And I definitely heard at least one person whipser, “what’s wrong with Chrystina?”  How does a 25-year-old girl who’s used to having to take care of herself and not being able to rely on anyone else explain to a group of boys that out of control feeling where all of a sudden you’re stuck?  I couldn’t figure it out then – and to be honest, I’m not sure I can figure it out now.

So, essentially, I had to go ahead and ruin a perfectly good day with a feeling out of control night.  The boys let it slide though, and the next day things were back to normal.  What did I learn from this experience?  Next time, it might be worth renting a car.

one up

I hosted a blogger meetup on Wednesday night!  I know I posted a little bit about it yesterday, but goodness gracious people, it made me happy.  Sitting around with 5 other ladies who all blog talking shop is wonderful.  Having people to talk about social media and seo and creating content with in real life is such a different concept – it felt like a really big brainstorm and was definitely pretty motivating.  Not only that, but I made a new friend!  I’m pretty excited to host the next one, so if you are a non-mommy blogger in the Philadelphia area, let me know if you’d like to join.

How was your week?



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