one down, one up 17

One Down, One Up 17

one down
I’m going to Boston this weekend! Which I’m super excited about; however, I’ve been really stressed out about coordinating this trip. I have a list of about 10 people that I want to see while I’m up there that all live in different parts of the city and when you say you live in Boston you don’t actually have to live in Boston, which I’m not judging anybody for – it’s just a Boston thing I don’t understand. The reason I was really worried about it was because I thought I was going to have a huge suitcase full of stuff for Thanksgiving, but I was able to throw a bunch of it in Kristine’s car when she came to visit, so now I’m feeling better about being a wandering nomad for a while. Anyway, if you’re in Boston and want to hang out, let me know. My guess is I’ll be in a coffee shop reading blog posts.

one up
It’s been quite the week of ups – California, Disneyland, seeing my best friends from middle school – but you knew about all of those already if you’ve been reading along this week, so I’m going to pick something that you probably didn’t know. I went to see Lake Street Dive in concert again on Wednesday night with a few friends and they were wonderful. So, so wonderful. The dynamic between them all is awesome and who’s not going to love a group that has a super sexy jazzified lead singer, a chick rocking out on the upright bass, a guy who switches between the guitar and trumpet constantly, and a philly-originated spirited drummer. If you’ve never heard of them start here.

black friday
There’s two things that I want to tell y’all about. First of all, Photography Concentrate is having a Black Friday giveaway AND they’re offering 40-60% off of all their tutorials. It’s kind of ridiculous and wonderful. Second – be on the look out for a Chrystina Noel black Friday sale as well, I’m pretty stoked about it.

if you’re in philadelphia
Paper on Pine is hosting a gift wrapping class on Friday, December 5 from 5-7pm that’s free. You bring 3 wrapped boxes and they will help you make the occasion more festive. DiBruno Brothers is hosting a cheese crawl around the city on Saturday, December 6 from 12pm-4pm. I unfortunately won’t be able to make it to that one, but I really, really wish I could.

play along
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2014 reader survey

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Whether you’ve been reading Chrystina Noel for one day (thank you!) or 3.5 years (THANK YOU!), I’d love for you to take a second to fill out this year’s reader survey.  I’m in the process of creating and thinking about new content for 2015 and I’d love some tips and suggestions from people who read along.  One lucky filler-outer will win a set of 5 postcards.  Just click “start” below to begin.

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black friday paper crafting deals

2014 black friday paper crafting

I have gone Black Friday shopping every single year since junior year of high school.  The adventures started out as missions for clothing shopping, but I quickly realized that this was the best time to do my craft shopping as well.  So now, while others hit the stores for electronics and new jackets I am looking at fancy scissors, embellishments, and paper.

Michael’s and JoAnn’s are my go-to stores, between the two of them I can find almost anything I need.  AC Moore is a little bit more of a hike for me and takes me near a mall and The Christmas Tree shop, which is always more dangerous for my wallet.  I’ve been holding off on buying new supplies for a few months now knowing this day was coming – and now the trick is to come out of the store carrying only the items on my list.  (We’ll see how that goes.)  Here’s my 2014 Black Friday shopping list to date:

  • 2 white gel pens
  • washi tape
  • tape gun / adhesive roller
  • glue dots
  • a new paper cutter
  • a calligraphy pen
  • tins for the cookie swap at my annual Christmas Party (maybe)

So here’s the deal on the stores:

Michaels Black Friday Paper Crafting Deals

You can find a preview of the ad here.  There are many coupons for Michaels – the best two are the 50% off your entire regular priced purchase of papercrafting stickers and embellishments and 30% off you entire purchase including sale and regular price items from 7am to noon on Friday.

Clutch Deals:

- Craft Storage is 60% off – if I could carry that back on the train, I absolutely would buy some, not that I need it.
– Crayola Items are 50% off – this is a great chance to buy that 96 box of crayons we all love or the multicultural crayons so that you don’t need to try to oddly mix red, yellow, and brown to come up with the color you’re looking for
– Stamps are buy one get one free – which may or may not be worth it depending on the cost of the stamp, but remember you still have the 30% off your purchase
– 8.5″ x 11″ paper is 5/$10, this is the best deal you will find all year, no questions asked
– Adhesive runners and refills are 40% off
– 12″ x 12″ scrappaper pads are 50% off – just make sure you like most of the paper inside before buying them, also these have become my go to papers for cards because they’re significantly sturdier than the buy by the sheet papers and you don’t necessarily need to put a lining in
– If stickers and embellishments are your thing, the Recollections line are 60% off on Saturday morning if you want to hold off on buying those – and there is still a 25% off your entire purchase coupon you can use on that day

JoAnn Fabrics Paper Crafting Deals

You can find a preview of the ad here.  There are two coupons available for Friday, one that is 25% off your entire purchase including sale and regular price items (excluding door busters) from 6am to noon on Friday.

Clutch Deals:

- All Fiskars cutting tools (papercrafting, sewing, and quilting) are 60% off including punches, the rounding corner tool that I bought is by far one of my favorite things ever
– All papercrafting supplies and die cuts are 50% off
– Christmas tins are all 50% off here as well

So there you have it.  (Admittedly, this post was to do research for myself as well, so there I have it too.)  My gameplan is to hit JoAnn’s at 6am because they open first and figure out exactly what is included in “all papercrafting supplies” to see what is covered there, and then get the rest at Michaels.

Do you have any tips that you follow that I missed?  I’d love to hear about them below.

But really, my goal for the weekend is to avoid going to Kohls because otherwise most of this page of boots will be in my cart.

waiting in line at Disneyland

things to do while waiting in line at Disney

Yesterday I got the chance to go to Disneyland for the first time.  I’ve been to Disney World bunches of times, but this was my first time at Disneyland.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because there’s such a large place in my heart for Disney World, but turns out spending the day at Disneyland is a lot like spending the day at Magic Kingdom – so naturally, I was all about that.

One of my best friends from middle school and I went together.  Let me tell you, a random Monday in November is a great time to go – there aren’t that many kids around, the lines weren’t long at all.  The only problem was that the park closed at 8:00, but our feet were so tired by then it didn’t really matter (hello ripe-old-age of 25.9).  We managed to hit every fast pass ride throughout the course of the day, plus a bunch in the middle.  Even with all of that and a bunch of fast passes, there was definitely still some waiting in time though.

Also, key fact, my phone is officially dead (read: will not charge) right now, so there was no option for twitter, instagram, or facebook browsing.  Which is probably good, but it did cut down on the number of pictures I took unfortunately.

Things to do while waiting in line at Disneyland

  1. Talk
    Good ol’ fashioned talking about life, how it’s going, and how we feel about things.  We also talked about the fact that the reason waiting in line as kids (specifically middle schoolers) probably wasn’t great because the only people to talk to in line were your parents (sorry, parents) or your siblings (sorry sibling) – and who wanted to do that?  Now that we’re all adults though, we realized it would probably be a lot of fun to have all that talking time.
  2. Eat an apple or a corn dog
    There’s not really a good time or place in the park to eat an apple or a corndog, they’re not easy things to get through and so take advantage of all that time you have sitting in line to eat.  We made it through most of the line at the Finding Nemo ride on just one apple, which was pretty awesome.  We also had a turkey leg, but that one we had to be sitting down for.
  3. Thumb war
    Yes, that’s right.  Kristine and I actually thumb warred for a while in line.  The whole time she made fun of me for having an unfair advantage because my fingers are so long (this is definitely not the first time we’ve had this conversation); however, she always won with the right hand and I always won with the left hand.
  4. Play cat’s cradle
    I think my favorite way that we killed time was to turn the auxiliary cable in my purse into a cat’s cradle string.  We sat there and played for probably 15 minutes.  I’m not sure anybody under the age of 20 knew what we were doing, but we were having a blast.  We were also surprised how fast our fingers were able to move and how they knew how to make cat’s whiskers without even thinking about it.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about or want to relive your childhood, watch this video.

What are some of the ways that you kill time while waiting in line with your friends?  I can tell you one thing, if I had been alone, I would have been reading a book.  And then everybody could have been asking, who’s the creepy girl with no kids and book, and that would have been just fine.