Weekly Snippets 29

weekly snippets 29

Seven days seems so long ago right now. I feel like I’ve done a million things between the last time I wrote one of these posts and now. Lucky for you, I’ll only be sharing 10 of them.

  1. I was extra productive last Saturday morning. I went to the grocery store before 8am. I then walked to Northern Liberties to try the chai at the Random Tea Room. And then I walked to Kensington to go to the Resource Exchange. All before noon. I walked 25k steps that day.
  2. I went to a small music festival outside Wilmington, DE.
  3. I hung out with some awesome bloggers at the Hotel Monaco on Sunday evening. It’s by far the most colorful hotel I’ve ever been in.
  4. I traveled up to Jersey City and hosted a baby shower at the office. Complete with strawberry shortcake.
  5. I’m becoming a pro at this transporting desserts thing.
  6. I got to hang out with a friend from the Colorado project in Philadelphia this week. We got gelato and bubble tea. We call that winning.
  7. I spent hours working on a proposal that we eventually decided not to bid on. (Which was actually more of a relief than frustrating.)
  8. I worked from New York City on Thursday. And then booked it back to Philly only to be 40 minutes late for a wine tasting. Thanks, Amtrak.
  9. I tried the most delicious summer wine drink I’ve ever had in my entire life. It’s the first one on this recipe list. It involves lemons and champagne and slushiness. Do it. You won’t regret it.
  10. I was really tipsy on Thursday night. It felt pretty good. It’s been a while.

That’s it. One week. Four states. Lots of walking. How was your week?

Thrift Shopping for Dinner Parties

Thrift shopping for fancy dinner party table settings via Chrystina Noel

Y’all. A few weeks ago I went thrift shopping for the first time with my friend Lola from Found in Philadelphia. I had been thinking about stepping up my dinner party game for a long time, but didn’t know where to start and had no idea how to do it cost efficiently. And then I started talking to Lola. (You should also absolutely check out her post about how to go thrifting with friends. She breaks it down quite nicely!)

I thought I didn’t like thrift shopping because I don’t have any patience to try on clothing, but when we started searching for home pieces and she began to lead me through all the nooks and crannies of Philly Aids Thrift I thought to myself, this is something I could get down with. Why? Because you don’t need to make sure that home pieces fit before you take them home. And they’re pretty. And it’s like going on a treasure hunt.

I love being on a mission to find the perfect item that you’re looking for. I recently did it with a candle. I spent months looking for the perfect candle and when I found it I was actually a little disappointed.

Back to my story about the dinner party. I spent the months of May and June pinning +20 pins each day (as a social media experiment) and found so many fancy dinner party setups that I loved. I started to wonder if there was something to it. Did setting the table in advance and paying attention to the details make for a better party? There was only one way to find out.

Thrift shopping for fancy dinner party table settings via Chrystina Noel (7)

When I started thinking about my dinner party I knew I needed a table cloth, center piece stuff, napkins, name tags, dishes, silverware, and glassware. I made the decision from the beginning to purchase a few of these items new so I didn’t get overwhelmed. I bought new dishes from ikea (this set plus these add-ons) and white cotton dinner napkins on Amazon. Just knowing that I already had the basics made me feel better.

Pro Tip: It’s probably not worth buying items you could get cheaply at Ikea or Target at the Thrift Shop because the price isn’t cut enough from the actual price. Look at the brand before your final purchase.

This left only two things for me to buy that weren’t already in my collection: a table cloth and center piece stuff. Lola and I met up early on a Saturday morning to browse the shop. She first led me to the houseware fabric section. This included fabric, curtains, place mats, table cloths, and runners. After browsing through the options I found a really nice lace tablecloth and a simple light brown curtain I could put under it so you couldn’t see my table. Lola showed me how you could really use any piece of fabric to cover a table, you just needed to be create about how you set it up. I was so surprised at how many options there were out of a pile of options that looked less than promising when I walked in.

Pro Tip: Just soak anything you buy in Oxi Clean over night and it will brighten itself up by the morning.

Pro Tip: Think about how you can spruce things up a little bit. Could you cut it? Bedazzle it? Add trim to it? Fold it? The possibilities are endless.

Thrift shopping for fancy dinner party table settings via Chrystina Noel (4)

I spent a lot of my time searching for small vases, cable holders, and other interesting pieces to put in the center of the table. After my first trip I left with 4 small, circular votive holders and two tall candle holders. These were easy to find and there were a lot of options for me to choose from. I felt a little bummed out when I got home though because I was looking for something a little fancier to make the table pop. While cleaning out my “odds-and-ends box” later in the week though I found a silver tray, gold beads, and a green vase that I already had. This meant that I didn’t need to continue my search, at least for this party. Plus it felt good to be able to use things I already owned.

Pro Tip: Soak any glassware items you buy in soapy water for a few hours and any film on them will come right off when you go to wash it.

I was amazed by the plate section of the store. I had no idea there were going to be so many options. I had no idea I could buy such adorable glass plates, and I had no idea that there were so many patterns available. I was on a mission to try to find gold chargers to put under the dinner plates, but I wasn’t able to make it happen before the party. I looked in every thrift store I passed to see if they had them with no avail. Next time.

Pro Tip: Spend some time getting to know the nooks and crannies of your local thrift shops (that’s right, plural) better so that you have a better understanding of what to find where in the future. And once you know what’s there, if there’s a lot of something available you realize you don’t need to stock your whole collection, just wait until you need it and you’ll know right where to find it.

I was also very happy that so much of what I owned was already very simple. Simple salt and pepper shakers, simple wine glasses, and simple silverware.

Thrift shopping for fancy dinner party table settings via Chrystina Noel (9)

A week before the party I fake set the table to see how it was looking. I sent pictures to Lola to show her the progress I had made. I felt like my mother. I absolutely understood why she started setting tables for 20 people so early. That looked a little something like this:

Thrift Store Shopping for Dinner Parties Test Shot 1

Thrift Store Shopping for Dinner Parties Test Shot 2

I ended up deciding not to use the tall candles on the table because I’m super clumsy. I was also really proud of myself for finding a way to pull the color of the vase through the table by tying a simple ribbon around the napkin. I also bought some greenery the weekend before so that it would bring a pop of color to an otherwise pretty neutral table.

Thrift shopping for fancy dinner party table settings via Chrystina Noel (3)

The night before the party I wrote out name tags. I kept it simple using supplies from my card making stash.

Thrift shopping for fancy dinner party table settings via Chrystina Noel (1)

I would say overall that the table looked pretty good. I’m not brave enough to try mixing and matching bold colors yet, but I think this was a good start. I could see myself easily starting to add a pop of color here and a pop of color there. I would actually really love to branch out into mismatched plates, but that seems a little too advanced for this new thrift shopper right now. Especially because I’m not a huge fan of florals. But it does sound like this could be a good long-term treasure hunt.

Thrift shopping for fancy dinner party table settings via Chrystina Noel (5)

What did I learn about setting up for a fancy dinner party?

  1. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Setting up the table directions was pretty fun, and it was cool to run through my house to see what other items I had to add to the table.
  2. Between the cooking a three-course meal vs. setting the table, it was definitely the cooking the three-course meal that was the more stressful part. It always has been for me. Making sure that everything is done at the right time while not overheating your kitchen before your guests arrive is a nearly impossible task as far as I’m concerned. I did okay, but it was a whirlwind of a 48 hours before the party.
  3. Having a fancy table didn’t change the dinner conversation at all. There was a moment when everybody walked in and said how nice it looked, there was the awkward, “I don’t feel well-dressed enough for this” comment once or twice, and other than that the conversation went on as it has for every other dinner party our group of friends has ever had.
  4. It’s not as easy to take cute pictures of the decor as I wanted it to be. There’s definitely a learning curve on this one. Especially in a basement kitchen that doesn’t get much natural light.

Was it worth it? Of course. It was all an experiment! Would I do it again? Absolutely. But not because I think it’s necessary, because by no means did it change the outcome of my party. I think it’s a great way to stretch your brain in a way you don’t usually get to do at a 9-5 job. It’s a cool way to express yourself, search for cool pieces, and create something pretty.

Thrift shopping for fancy dinner party table settings via Chrystina Noel (6)

Oh. You wanted to know what I cooked? Sorry about that.

Appetizer: Summer Soup of Butternut & Corn
Entree: Honey-Roasted Vegetables & Gnocchi
Dessert: Sprinkles Vanilla Cupcakes

More later to come about coordinating getting all of these things done at the same time.

Thrift shopping for fancy dinner party table settings via Chrystina Noel (8)

So that’s it. My first fancy dinner party. I think I would call it a success! Since this party there are a few related things that have happened in my life:

  1. I’ve decided to host a fancy purple brunch. I’m currently on a mission for one of those three-tier tea trays. Haven’t found it yet though.
  2. I can’t figure out the best way to store all of these pieces that I’m buying so that I can look at them all and find them when I need them. Any and all suggestions welcome.
  3. My mother has started offering me everything from around the house to take back to Philadelphia with me. Because that’s what mothers do.

If you’re new to thrifting and want to give it a try check out some of these fun posts by Lola:

I highly recommend checking out some of those posts, she does a great job breaking down something that seems (to me) like an otherwise daunting (and not always appearing to be worth it) process. There’s so much more to it than what’s on the surface though. I’ve actually added walks to the thrift store into my regular routine now because it’s a good excuse to go browse for something cool and get out of the house without necessarily having to buy anything. My best find so far? A three-tier hanging fruit basket for my kitchen for 25 cents. We call that winning.

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear about your dinner party experiences below!

Twenty Seven-and-a-Half

I turned 27.5 on June 30. June 30 also marks the halfway-through-the-year point. Usually this doesn’t feel like that big of a deal, but this year that means I’m 75% of the way to 30. I’m still moderately convinced that the day you turn 30 a magical fairy comes and drops a box full of wisdom at your door wrapped in an adorable box with a bow on top. (All you people are already 30, please don’t ruin this for me.) This year I have a pretty good list of things that have already happened thanks to my weekly snippet posts. This means I have 250 things written down that I’ve done this year already (260 minus the 10 that I did a high school memory recap). So I wanted to take a look at this year from a larger perspective.

weekly snippets 01
weekly snippets 02

I’ve spent more time in the kitchen.
I finished watching Parenthood.
I’ve been loving the My Postcard app to send photos to Pop.

weekly snippets 03
weekly snippets 04

I toured the Philadelphia Brewing Company.
We finally took the television down from on top of my fireplace.
I discovered the joy of smoothies. (a bit late in the game)

weekly snippets 04
weekly snippets 06 v2

I watched a heck of a lot of New Girl.
I saw the Superbowl parade in Denver.
I ate so many breakfast burritos.

weekly snippets 07 v2
weekly snippets 08

I finally went to a UConn Women’s Basketball Game.
I started watching Jane the Virgin. (and am too stressed out by it to finish)
I watched a lot of Liz & Maddie.
I went to Austin to see friends & host a party.

weekly snippets 09-1
weekly snippets 10

I went to Thrive Blog Conference in The Woodlands, TX.
I watched Fuller House.
I visited Durango. (many times)
I did a band photo shoot of Distant Thunder.
I took a burlesque class.
I watched a lot of Disney Channel movies.

weekly snippets 11
weekly snippets 12

I went to the Lady Project Summit and spoke on the blogging panel.
I read Big Magic and Daring Greatly.
I went to Connecticut for Palm Sunday and Easter.
I met my newest first cousin once removed named Claire.
I started going to Cardio Pop workout classes again.

weekly snippets 13
weekly snippets 14

I discovered Aveda tea.
I went to a heck of a lot of breweries.
I went to two baby showers.
I ate a heck of a lot of Torchy’s.

weekly snippets 15
weekly snippets 16 v2

I went on a 9.2 mile hike in Virginia.
We planned and hosted the first annual PHLbloggers conference.
I listened to “When Will My Life Begin” from Tangled a million times.

weekly snippets 17
weekly snippets 18

I went to my first cousin once removed’s Baptism.
I hung out in Newport, Providence, Boston, and Westerly.
I’ve been listening to a heck of a lot of podcasts.

weekly snippets 19
weekly snippets 20

I hung out in Brooklyn.
I went to Connecticut for Mothers’ Day.
I got my second blow out ever.
I hosted a wine tasting event at work.

weekly snippets 21
Chrystina Noel Senior Year of High School Baccalaureate Mass

I rediscovered my love of my 50mm lens.
I bought my first candle.
I got a library card.
I started reading YA romance novels again. So good.
I’ve drank a heck of a lot of bubble tea.

weekly snippets 23
weekly snippets 24

I went to two friends’ wedding in Friendsville, MD.
I got promoted to manager.
I watched more Disney Channel Original Movies.
I spent $130 at Sephora.
I hosted PHLbloggers events once a month.

weekly snippets 25
weekly snippets 26

I spent my last week on Colorado for the project.
I confirmed bhakti chai is the best chai.
I went to Connecticut for Fathers’ Day.
We painted my living room a new color.

And that’s not to say that it’s all been dandy. The things above are the ones worth remembering though. And the lessons from the not so good times are coming with me to hopefully make for more good times in the future. And as for my word of the year, which was “love” – I think I could be doing better. Mostly with the loving myself problem. Trying to figure out what’s best for me and making myself happy. I’ve realized that a lot of it has to do with getting better at going with the flow. I’ve been listening to Jess Lively’s podcast recently and she keeps talking about her Europe trip and how she’s trying to take work towards both “flow” and “adventure” in her life these days, an interesting pair of feminine and masculine traits. (Which I wouldn’t have noticed, she did.) And I’m hoping to keep these things in mind as I continue in 2016. And towards 30. You know, when that box of wisdom shows up at my door.


Weekly Snippets 28

weekly snippets 28The amount of pistachios I de-shelled for Monday night’s dinner.

Y’all. Things are getting better. I’m heading towards happy. Which is so good. It feels good to be on the way to happy. So without further ado, 10 things that happened this week:

  1. I went to Sbraga for a four course meal.
  2. I had an extra-fabulous blogger day last Saturday. First we had a work session and then the Sarahs (smoorelovin and Shades of – and Harvey whose first name is also Sarah) came over to help me revamp my wardrobe. Blog post to come. Such a good afternoon.
  3. Since Saturday I’ve been attempting to wear more clothes in my wardrobe – and mixing and matching – I even wore a belt one day.
  4. Sunday I prepped for 8 hours for a dinner party on Monday.
  5. On Monday night I hosted my first fancy dinner party. Not 100% sure the decorations changed the course of the evening at all, but I have a new favorite hobby of searching for good deals and random pieces. My next thing is figuring out how to store these fun pieces. Suggestions welcome.
  6. I started watching Fixer Upper, Hart of Dixie, and Cheers.
  7. I finally downloaded that app that counts steps. I have no idea how people make it to 10,000 every day.
  8. I’ve gone on a bunch of walks to Philly Aids Thrift and to Bubble Tea this week.
  9. I got the second most page views I’ve ever gotten in a day (809) on Wednesday when I posted my Diva Cup review. It’s true, the posts hardest to hit publish on can connect with the most people.
  10. Thursday night was the greatest. My friend Matt spoke at a PHLbloggers event and I left feeling so refreshed. There’s something about real conversation that just feels so good. I feel like I don’t get nearly enough of it these days.

And that’s it. No more burritos or beer, but I almost look like I did 11 months ago again. So that’s cool. I also keep thinking about dying my hair red again. Just need to make the cost commitment. Silly money. How are you?