PG13 Never Have I Ever Questions

pg13 never have i ever

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’re having an incredible MLK weekend, and I hope that a lot of you have today off to a) relax and b) catch up on the inevitable hugely long to do lists that we all seem to have and keep adding to.  In the meantime (while you’re procrastinating doing your to do list), please enjoy my Never Have I Ever post 🙂

As I’ve mentioned before, I used to be an RA in college.  As I’ve mentioned before, I threw myself a pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) 21st birthday party.  What do these two things have in common?  Probably lots of things – but for the purpose of this post, the answer is playing Never Have I Ever.  My all-time favorite drinking game and in my top 10 games of all-time.  Now the question is if you are a) going to play this game around people that you are supposed to be supervising, or b) playing this game in front of your friend’s parents that you don’t know very well – how do you keep it exciting enough so that people want to participate, but mild enough that you would feel okay telling your grandmother (almost) everything that you admit to.  Here are some sample questions that we came up with for the affairs:

  • …Gotten a piercing that you can’t see in the summer
  • …Sequenced DNA
  • …Shoved someone into a wall
  • …Eaten a bug on purpose
  • …Gone to Catholic school
  • …Gotten your braces hooked on someone else’s
  • …Named your car
  • …Been to Vegas
  • …Beat Super Mario 64
  • …Made out with someone in a bathroom
  • …Met someone really sketchy at a club
  • …Done karaoke
  • …Not had a middle name
  • …Snuck into a rated R movie under age
  • …Flown an airplane
  • …Wished your life were a musical
  • …Used all 7 letters in Scrabble
  • …Been kicked out of a movie theater
  • …Lied about your birthday to get free dessert
  • …Skipped school without being sick
  • …Kissed someone on the first date
  • …Given someone a fake phone number
  • …Ran away from home
  • …Kissed someone you didn’t like
  • …Attempted to chug a gallon of milk

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  • I don’t think I have ever played a drinking game!! I must work on that, this one sounds like fun :o)

  • Jordan

    I never played this game with you as my RA… feeling jealous about that!! j/k 🙂 but also my list of never have I evers from that list is reallly long lol.

    • ChrystinaNoel

      Yes, yes you did. I started it my first year as an RA. It was posted on the walls down the hallway – I’m almost certain. I’m sure there are plenty of other “have I evers” that you do have as well, btw. xo

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