my manicotti adventure – part 3

So I hope you all enjoyed the videos!! Time for the actual making of the manicotti. This process took approximately 2 hours.

Make the filling:
1 lb. Ricotta per 12 crepes (my mother assures me store-brand is okay)
1 lb. Shredded Mozzarella for 36 crepes
1 egg per 12-18 crepes (depending on how heavy you want them to be)
Grated cheese, black pepper

Mix all of the filling with a big spoon.
Line up all of the crepes on the counter so that you can fill them all at the same time.
This is what that looked like in my apartment (3 different locations of crepes)…

This is what that looks like in my house at home. (This is clearly why you need a 15 foot island in the middle of your kitchen…)

(My mother might now kill me.)

Divide the filling evenly among the crepes. Place it on the lower third of the crepe and shape it like a log so that it’s easier to roll. Roll each crepe the same direction.

Grease the bottom of the pan with crisco.
Put a thin layer of heated sauce on the bottom of the pan.
Place the rolled manicotti in the dish all facing the same direction so that they’re easier to scoop out.
Coat the manicotti with sauce
Cover with tin foil in the oven to keep the heat in (do not leave any gaps) – – – I forgot this step.
Sprinkle the top with cheese.
Cook them at 350 degrees. A singular 9″x13″ pan full takes 30 minutes, adjust accordingly for more. I had 2 9″x13″ pans and a small pan for a few extras. I think I cooked mine for close to 45 minutes.

How do you know when they’re done? (this answer is verbatim)
They poof. Or you can stick your finger in the side and if it burns, it’s done.
(Oh, Italians…)
Johanna pointed out that I shouldn’t use a finger that I really need.

Good luck if you’re going to make them, they were pretty easy, but definitely took a lot of time. Maybe it’s because it was only my first time. I’ll probably just have to try again 🙂

We have a CUPID winner – Johanna!  Stay tuned for a post on the winning card.
(Granted I haven’t had time to confirm this yet, but I trust her engineering degrees.)

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  • Yes, who needs a food thermometer when you can get lightning quick results from your non-essential finger, whichever one(s) is/are…handy.
    Doing them crepe style rather than pasta sounds lighter, faster and easier. Thanks for the step by step progress.

    • ChrystinaNoel

      What a great idea – a much safer alternative. I will have to invest in one of these. And you’re right, it definitely is a really lite pasta dish – one of my favorite parts about it!!