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Looking for a list of questions for a bridal shower question game?  My very good friend Marie recently wrote a post for me called “Bridal Shower Game, Question Cards, by MXK“, and here is the list of questions that she used while playing the game.  Just to recap what was learned in the previous post, Marie created a list of questions, asked them all to the groom, and then re-asked them all to the bride during the bridal shower to see how many she would guess correctly.  I recommend clicking over to the other post to see how she made it all happen.  (Marie also wrote a post about the Bridal Shower Purse Game if you need more activities.  Check it out!)

question cards for bridal shower game

Here’s what her question cards looked like.  Aren’t they adorable?  If you’re looking for design ideas for bridal shower question cards, check out my post called Making Bridal Shower Question Game Cards.

Here are the questions that she used on the cards:

1. What is the first thing that you noticed about the Bride?
2. Where was your first date?
3. What is your favorite meal that the Bride prepares?
4. What is your least favorite meal that the Bride makes?
5. What is the Groom’s favorite color?
6. What/where was Groom’s first job?
7. What was Groom’s first car?
8. Who is the Groom’s all-time favorite Philadelphia Phillie?
9. Where was your first kiss?
10. Who said ‘I love you’ first?
11. How many children does the Groom want?
12. How many children does the Bride want?
13. What is your favorite thing about the Bride?
14.  When did the Groom know it was love and she was “the one”?
15. What is the Groom’s favorite band?
16. What do you think the Groom would say is the Bride’s most annoying habit?
17. What would the Bride say is the Groom’s most annoying habit?
18. How and where did the Groom propose?
19. Is the Groom right-handed or left-handed?
20. What nickname does the Groom hate being called?
21. What was the first movie that you watched together?
22. What is the Groom’s favorite dessert?
23. What was the Groom’s favorite toy as a kid?
24. What is the Groom’s favorite restaurant?
25. When the Groom was little, what did he want to be when he grew up?
26. What was the Groom’s first job?
27. What high school did the Groom go to?
28. How many kids does the Groom want?


If you would like to purchase custom handmade bridal shower question game cards for the bride and groom in your life, check out my shop here.

PS. Check out these posts if you need ideas for how to make the cards, how to execute the bridal shower question game, or the purse game.

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