Places to Host a Party

places to host parties

The place I just moved into is small – really small.  (I love it though!! – yes, you’ll see pictures soon-ish.)  But what this really means is that I’m going to have a more difficult time throwing parties with large groups of people (+10).  Anybody else have this problem?  However, there are plenty of other places around town/ around the city where it’s possible to host parties, you just need to look!!

Learn a New Skill

Wine Tasting
This could mean find a shop  that hosts wine tasting classes, or this could mean rent a limo and tour wine country for the afternoon.

Salsa/Swing/Pole/Etc Dancing
Many places with dance lessons offer opportunities for group lessons, and the more people you invite, the cheaper it gets per person!

Get Creative

Pottery Painting
It is cheaper to just make a reservation rather than plan a party – they add in too many fees, especially if you’re just going to paint a small piece of pottery.  Try to find a place that’s BYOB 🙂

Jewellery Making
If there is a bead shop around town, they probably offer a special on teaching you to actually make the jewellery.  The more people they teach, the more people that will need beads.

Get Active

There are all things that I don’t know THAT much about because I don’t do them very often, but they’re absolutely worth looking into.  Call to find out about group rates, but keep in mind it may be more cost efficient to just make reservations so that they don’t add on fees for a large group.  Like bowling.  It always seems to be cheaper if you go bowling without associating it with a party.

Rock Climbing

Laser Tag


Mini Golfing

You Can’t Ever Go Wrong With Food

Make Your Own Sushi
This might be a little bit expensive, but hey – it’s something you probably won’t get the chance to do very often.  In Philadelphia, we used Madame Saito’s restaurant.  She was incredibly nice and easy to work with.

Chocolate Tasting
Some specialty chocolate shops offer tasting menus, so call and ask!

Go To a Restaurant
Find a place that serves family style, or a BYOB, or a place that’s just fun (hibachi, fondue, etc) and have all of your friends meet up there!

On a Budget

Go to an Arcade
Dave and Busters has ridiculous specials.  Also, the best part about this is it’s “spend what you want”, so if you have somebody who wants to hang out, but not spend too much money, they can easily keep it under $5 depending on the games they choose. 

Go on a Potluck Picnic
When in doubt, choose your favorite public park to meet up.  If everybody brings a dish it’ll be easy!  Bring a few blankets, bring some card games, and bring a frisbee.  Easy as pie 🙂

Can you think of any place I missed?

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  • These are all really great ideas. I think I’l put some of them to use 🙂

    • Good, can’t wait to read about it on the blog!! 🙂

  • I love the potluck picnic in the park – it works when you are young and again when you have young families.

    • Potlucks are by far my favorite, and it totally takes the stress off of people!!

  • wine tasting sounds awesome! awesome idea!

    • there’s a place down in Old City that I found recently that does it, it was something like $35/person, but I’m sure if we keep looking we can find something else.

      I’ve also heard something about a New Jersey wine country tour that involves a limo…

  • Good advice. I have the same problem, but we usually just go out on to the beach by our house. Nice blog!

    Catherine (your newest follower)
    FEST (food, style & travel)

    • Thank you and thanks for stopping by!! It’s awesome that you live close enough to the beach to do that 🙂

  • jennistoryofmylife

    These are all great ideas, girl! And thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog lately… sure appreciate that. 🙂

    • Anytime, I’m absolutely loving reading your blog – so it’s totally a two way street 🙂

  • I’m going to have to try a pot luck picnic they sounds amazing, if only we ever got nice weather in the UK x ;o)