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I’ve got another great guest post for you today, about how to be a hostess with the mostess at a moment’s notice.  The reason why I LOVE this idea is because you don’t always have time to prepare for these types of occasions – – and on top of that, one day I hope to create a home where my friends and family feel comfortable coming in and out of whenever they feel like it, so I might as well start preparing now.

Today’s tips come from Miró who blogs over at Dose of Dash.  We met at Texas Style Council back in August – she’s the one who told me that the bus in Austin only costs $2 to ride ALL day.  For a Philadelphia girl, that’s just ridiculous, that won’t even get you round trip up here!  Also, she let me join the group she was with at Prom Saturday night, which, for someone who didn’t know anyone at this conference, was possibly the biggest blessing in the world – so thank you, lady.  She does a great series called color crush, she recently went to a hair show (what the heck is that?), and did a great Texas Style Council recap.

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Hello darlings! I’m filling in for Chrystina today who is off traveling the world.

Since the holiday season is nearly upon us I thought I would share 5 quick tips to being the hostess with the mostess on a moment’s notice. Perhaps most importantly, I want to focus on cocktails. If you have a few things in your arsenal then you’ll be prepared for any spontaneous soirée.

1. Liquor and Liqueur


Let’s start with the foundation of a good cocktail — alcohol. I like to have at least two kinds of liquor on hand to please every taste. Vodka is always a safe bet and perhaps some whiskey or gin? It’s up to you! For a fancy twist I also like to keep a sweet liqueur in the cabinet like Cassis, a liqueur made of black currents that adds a subtle and sophisticated sweetness.

Sometimes buying alcohol upfront can be pricey, but if you’re like me and only hosting once in a while, your stock will last a long time.

2. Mixers



Honest Fizz Lemon Limey soda is one of my favorite mixers. 0 calories, less creepy ingredients than other sodas, and one can makes two drinks so you’re not wasting an entire bottle of soda. Stock up on glass bottles of Coke that look so retro sitting out on the shelf or try Sofia Coppola’s bubbly in a can goes great with a splash of cassis. Kir Royale, anyone?

P.S. Don’t worry about taking room up in the fridge – the ice cubes will soon take care of the requisite cocktail chill.

3. Square ice cubes


Yes, square ice cubes make you that much classier. Just trust me on this one. Going for super hostess? Put a sprig of rosemary, a mint leaf, or an edible flower in the ice cube tray before you fill it up.

4. Terrific tumblers


No plain Jane glasses for this hostess! Go for something sparkly and fun. The best place to look for cool glasses is at your local thrift/vintage/antique store or on Etsy/Ebay. Not only will glassware be cheaper, but it’s usually more unique, too.

5. Accoutrements


The finishing touch. Little details like a kitschy drink stirrer and a darling coaster will put your hostess factor over the edge. Stirrers can get pricey so try buying colorful straws from a papergoods store or going to a vintage store.

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  • Thanks for having me, Chrystina!

    • Thanks for writing! I loved this post a lot, my dear 🙂

  • bellevierge

    Kir and kir royale are my favorite drinks!!!! I have yet to find a bar in the States that has heard of them. Granted, I haven’t asked a bartender in a fancy city like NYC or LA, but still. I have asked in many bars. Kir was my go-to drink in France, and I loved whenever my cousins had some Crémant on hand to make a kir royale!