90’s Nickelodeon Valentines: The Wild Thornberrys

Hi, my name is Chrystina. Usually I blog about making greeting cards and hosting parties, but sometimes my friend Tory and I decide to indulge ourselves in 90s and early 2000s television and create really awesome (and punny!) Valentines. If you want to know more about Chrystina Noel, click here. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to download the free PDFs above.

2013 Valentines: Boy Meets World | Family Matters | Full House | Saved By the Bell
2014 Valentines: Doug | Hey Arnold | Rugrats | The Wild Thornberrys
2015 Valentines: Zenon | Cheetah Girls | Motocrossed | High School Musical
2016 Valentines: Grease | Rent | Hairspray | Wicked

Wild Thornberry Valentines - Darwin Wild Thornberry Valentines - Debbie Wild Thornberry Valentines - Donnie1 Wild Thornberry Valentines - Donnie2 Wild Thornberry Valentines - Eliza1 Wild Thornberry Valentines - Eliza2 Wild Thornberry Valentines - Marianne Wild Thornberry Valentines - Nigel1 Wild Thornberry Valentines - Nigel2

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clipart sources: darwin, debbie, donnie 1, donnie 2, eliza 1, eliza 2, marianne, nigel 1, nigel 2

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  • kathy @ vodka and soda

    these are cute. i just helped my 5yr old with her valentines day cards. they were a mixture of princesses and my little pony.

    • Those sound pretty awesome too. I definitely sent out Princess cards one year… recently 🙂

  • These are great!

  • Haha! Those are adorable. 🙂