Easy Ways to Make Brunch Fancy

how to make brunch fancy

I am all about keeping things simple.  Honestly, when it comes to entertaining and parties – it is very rare that I ever do anything fancy.  I might write letters for everyone at the party, or make nametags, or (have Tory) make party favors, but none of those are all that involved, they just take time.  So when I’m going to make a brunch a little bit fancier, I want it to be easy.  Here are three ways in the past few weeks I’ve found to make brunch a little bit fancier.

easy ways to make your brunch fancy 1

I don’t know how society got to this point, but let’s face it, if you’re drinking out of mason jars, everything gets a little bit fancier.  I officially own 2 mason jars and I got them as favors from a dance I went to, but if I ever found them on sale I would probably buy 12 just because it makes things easier.  Next time I might put a ribbon around the top even.  Simple and effective.

easy ways to make your brunch fancy 2

Yes, I love to bake.  But I don’t always have time to bake.  So want to know what I did?  I bought a package of Duncan Heines blueberry muffin mix where you just add water and then I made the crumble topping to put on top before I baked them.  Want to know what’s in the topping?  Flour, brown sugar, granulated sugar, baking powder, salt, and butter.  All things that if you’ve ever baked before you probablly have laying around.  It literally took 2 minutes, and it tasted so good.

easy ways to make your brunch fancy 3

This one is a Marie specialty.  Marie loves adding things to pancakes.  Whether it be chocolate chips, any other kind of chips, oats, cinnamon, strawberries, bananas, berries, brown sugar, walnuts, candied pecans, syrup, honey, or any other deliciousness – the second you add options, everything seems fancier – and some of these things you probably just have laying around the house.

What tips do you have for adding a little bit of flair to your brunch?

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  • JC Carter

    Make a centerpiece. I think having a centerpiece takes pretty much any food related get together into an actual event. Even if you just grab some flowers form the grocery store or a couple candles, I swear it makes all the difference.

    • Oh I like this a lot! And you’re right, definitely falls into the easy category, my favorite. Thanks for sharing!