102 Verbs to use for Currently Blog Posts

102 verbs to use for currently blog posts

One of my favorite types of posts to write and read is currently blog posts.  I love to hear what bloggers are up to, what they’re reading and watching and listening to.

Sometimes I sit down and I have a million things to write.  I know that I want to tell you about the awesome book that I just read, or the podcasts I’ve been listening to, or the fun events that I had the pleasure of attending.  And sometimes I can only think of one really awesome thing I want to tell you.  Then I somehow have the rest of the post to come up with.  And goodness gracious, where do you even begin?

I had been wishing for months that there was a list of verbs to use for currently blog posts.  Well, I did it y’all, I finally made one.  I went through my old currently posts, I went through other blogger’s posts, and I opened up a thesaurus.

Here’s the breakdown: 75 action verbs, and 27 feelings.  Why 27?  It’s divisible by 3.  Henceforth making a prettier free printable.

102 Verb Ieas for Writing Currently Blog Posts

102 Verb Ideas for Currently Blog Posts DownloadWhat are your favorite verbs to use in currently posts?  I’m always looking for new suggestions.


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