This Year’s Summer Photo Project

2015-04-14 2015 Summer Photo Project

You may or may not know that last year I did a summer photo project. I decided I wanted to get better at using my 50mm lens and took on a portrait challenge. I photographed a different friend every week all summer and ended up with some incredible pictures – and I learned a lot too.

Last week I figured out what I want this year’s summer project to be. Actually, I should take a step back first.

My one little world for 2015 is experience. There are two components of this: (1) I want to make sure not to miss out on living in the moment , and (2) I want to learn how to capture experiences in my photography as opposed to just people. You can check out my January newsletter to learn more about what that means. (Spoiler: it involves some cool pictures of India.)

I knew I wanted this year’s project to be about capturing experiences and yet again, I’ve decided to turn to my friends. I want to attend an event every week that wouldn’t usually have a photographer whether that is a playdate at the park, a family dinner, a bridal shower, a day at the beach, or a weekend roadtrip and be the official photographer. That way, there is no pressure to get good pictures, and it will be a chance to get better at capturing experiences (and learning to put the camera in people’s faces, which I’m super crummy at).

My summer photo project will start on Memorial Day and continue until Labor Day. So if you happen to be in Philadelphia (or willing to pay for me to go somewhere else), let me know if you have an event that you would like pictures of (that doesn’t happen to occur while I’m at a wedding).

I’m excited.

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  • This is a great idea. You have to do a lessons learned at the end for those of us who need help in this area.