10 No-reason Reasons to Send Cards

2015-04-14 10 no-reason reasons to send cards

Monday night, as I was searching for a blog post to write for Tuesday, I tweeted this before bed :

Little did I know I was going to get a response from my friend, Sarah, who gave me an awesome idea: 10 no-reason reasons to send a card.

I need little-to-no reason to send a card. Sure, there are some real reasons like engagements, weddings, holidays, thank yous, & formal congratulations, but why not have a little more fun with it? In the past month I’ve sent 30+ pieces of snail mail and I’m not sure I had a “good” reason to send any of them. So today I wanted to try to inspire you to send a little snail mail of your own. Here are 10 no-reason reasons you might find to be a good excuse.

  1. If you know somebody who finally quit their job.
  2. If you met somebody really cool that you hit it off with and would like to stay in touch with, why not send them a card to solidify the friendship?
  3. If you noticed somebody was having a great hair day and wanted to let them know.
  4. If you know they’re going on vacation soon and want to kick it off with an additional reason to smile (or tell them how jealous you are).
  5. If you’ve got a new movie or song recommendation for a friend, why not make a card themed with that band’s photos and lyrics?
  6. If you have extra stickers and want to share them with somebody.
  7. If there’s a memory you think of often and want to share it with the person who inspired it .
  8. If you have a grandparent. (That’s it, that’s all the reason you need really.)
  9. If it’s finally getting warm outside. That’s reason in itself to celebrate.
  10. If you keep playing phonetag with someone, you can send them a tongue-in-cheek letter about having to resort to snail mail to stay in touch with them.

Speaking of tongue-in-cheek, here are three bonus reasons you might want to send a greeting card:

  • Because you’re procastinating something else. Letter writing & card writing is a great way to procrastinate, it takes longer than sending an email and involves needing to get up and look around for supplies. To all great procrastinators everywhere, go find yourself some stationery.
  • If you have really cool stationery, really cool stamps, or a pen you’ve been wanting to try out and want to brag about it.
  • If you want to start one of those steamy, forbidden, love affair, letter writing romances. You could make this way hotter than a snapchat.

If that last bullet point wasn’t enough to do it for you, I’m not sure what willl be. Have I ever told you guys about the time I was assigned to continue writing a section of the Crucible for a writing assignment in high school and essentially wrote the beginning of a raunchy romance novel between Abigail and John? I’m pretty sure the word steamy was written in the feedback somewhere. Did I mention it was an all-girls Catholic high school? I think I got an A.

PS. If you’d like to browse the card archive for your own inspiration, you can check it out here.

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  • LOVE this post. I think we as bloggers should all do a call for content ideas more often because I know I always have good post ideas for other people, and I’m sure others have them for me too. Maybe I’ll make that a thing on my blog….

    But yes, this post. This post is relevant to two of my (probable) 26 before 26 goals!

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