Dear Teacher Letter Template

In honor of finishing the first draft of my e-book, How to Stay in Touch, I’m going to be sharing some simple letter templates for you to stay in touch with people close to you in your life over the course of the next two weeks while I’m on vacation. (I’ll be popping in for the One Down, One Up on Fridays though.) You can use them as physical letters, the words to write in an email, or a starting point for an even longer letter. I’ll be sending out these letters while I’m on the road, and absolutely let me know if you send them as well!

Today’s letter is to a teacher. Most of us have had at least 12 teachers in our lives. Maybe one of them inspired you to do something big with your life, helped you discover your passion for writing, or believed in you when nobody else did. Why not reach out to say thank you and let them know what you’re doing now? It’s always nice to hear that you made a difference in people’s lives. So why not remind someone now?

Who were some of your favorite teachers?

03 Chrystina Noel Dear Teacher Letter Template 700px

If you would like to download the (black and white) PDF of this file, click here.

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