37 Wedding Day Emergency Kit Items

Maid of Honor Wedding Day Emergency Kit Items Checklist via Chrystina Noel

A guest post by Victoria Napolitano about the top items to include in a Maid of Honor Wedding Day Emergency Kit.

On my wedding day, the hook on the waist strap inside my gown came loose. Luckily, the front desk of the hotel was able to send up a sewing kit, so that hiccup did not turn into a disaster.

I got married before all of my friends did. While being the bridal trailblazer was sometimes tough, I’m glad that it prepared me well to be a good bridesmaid to my loved ones down the road. I feel that as a bridesmaid, and especially when serving as matron of honor, that it’s my job to make sure the bride does not need to sweat the small stuff. She has just spent months handling all the logistics of a wedding, which is no small task, and by the time the wedding day arrives, I don’t want her to worry about a thing. If she can look back on her wedding day and say the only thing she worried about was not tripping on her way up the aisle, then I did my job.


For me, a big part of this is the Wedding Day Emergency Kit. I like to be prepared (maybe overly-so). I’ve compiled and updated this list over time based on lists I’ve found around the web and based on my own experience. I daresay this is the most comprehensive list you will find, and should help you solve most minor emergencies.

I like to group together like items (leaky items, things that must stay dry, etc.) for organization and to keep things in good condition. Last time I got all of the small items into a large travel jewelry roll like this one, which made finding things a breeze. You can fit everything on my list into a medium-sized bag. I’m happy to say that I haven’t had to use all of the items in this kit, but I do want to highlight the ones that I think are must-haves in any Wedding Day Emergency Kit:


Sure, it’s definitely a good idea to have an extra pair of pantyhose for the bride, if she is wearing them. Those suckers can rip at any time. But the most important reason to keep these around is that they are the perfect way to get deodorant off of clothing. This is a little-known trick that works like a charm. Throw a knee-high over your hand and rub the deodorant lightly, and it lifts away like magic. This came in handy at the last wedding I was at, where we were all wearing navy blue gowns!


Speaking of which, bring a travel-sized deodorant. Someone is either going to forget to put it on, or is going to need to reapply. One time it was the bride’s grandma!

Water bottle and a straw

Always make sure you have some water on hand in case the bride feels thirsty (or gets nervous dry mouth before the ceremony). And, make sure you have a straw on hand so she doesn’t spill on her dress or ruin her lipstick.


You should tuck one in your hand with your bouquet, and if you’re the MOH, bring an extra for the bride. I don’t care if you think you are a true stoic. You’re about to watch one of the dearest people in your life experience one of the greatest joys of their lifetime, and you will cry. Better to be able to dab elegantly than sniffle loudly or wipe your nose and face with your hands.


Someone is going to get a blister from those shoes. Last time, it was me.

Safety pins

And, someone is going to have a wardrobe malfunction that needs to be repaired quickly. You need these in case you aren’t lucky enough to be at a hotel that carries sewing kits, like I was! At the last wedding I was a part of, I used safety pins to make a groomsman’s too-loose rented pants fit better, loosen a too-tight rental necktie, and tighten a too-loose neck strap.

These items should cover the most common wedding day mishaps, and you can choose from the rest of the list to customize your Wedding Day Emergency Kit for your bride, bridal party, and venue. But, the most important thing you can bring to a wedding is a positive attitude! The combination of entering into marriage and throwing a logistically-complicated party for everyone she knows is bound to make any wedding day an emotional one for the bride. Having breath mints on hand is great, but what she needs more than anything is her most trustworthy friend to remind her that everything is going to turn out great!

The Full List (in alphabetical order)

  1. Antihistamines
  2. Band-aids
  3. Breath Mints
  4. Cash
  5. Clear Nail Polish
  6. Clothing Tape
  7. Comb
  8. Contact-Safe Eye Drops
  9. Cotton Balls
  10. Cough Drops
  11. Deodorant
  12. Earring Backs
  13. Floss
  14. Hair Pins
  15. Hair Spray
  16. Hand Sanitizer
  17. Ibuprofin
  18. Lint Roller
  19. Mirror
  20. Nail Clippers
  21. Nail File
  22. Pantyhose
  23. Pen
  24. Perfume
  25. Ponytail Holder
  26. Q-Tips
  27. Safety Pins
  28. Sewing Kit (with scissors)
  29. Sharpie
  30. Shout Wipes and/or Tide Pen
  31. Snacks
  32. Static Guard
  33. Tampons
  34. Tissues
  35. Tums
  36. Tweezers
  37. Water Bottle and Straw

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Maid of Honor Wedding Day Emergency Kit Items Checklist via Chrystina Noel

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