Valentines Greetings with Minted

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You may or may not know that I sent over 200 handmade greeting cards over the course of the holidays last year. That said, you’re probably not surprised to find out I am pretty much done mass producing handmade greeting cards for a long time.

Hower, sending Valentine’s Day packages is one of my favorite things, so I knew I needed to find a way around this somehow. It’s a great chance to let the people in your life know you care about them, and it’s a fun excuse to send snail mail (not that I need an excuse for that). Lucky for me, I found an excellent alternative to handmade cards this time around. They’re super pretty and they’re from Minted.

This year Minted is not only offering photo cards, but they’re also offering super adorable, awesomely punny, smaller, classroom Valentines (at a pretty reasonable price actually, $14 for 15 cards). I went ahead and ordered three of them. One set to send out with my Valentines Day packages, one set to give to my co-workers, and one set to save for summer goody bags (because who says you can only tell someone you love them on February 14).

Valentine Packages with Minted 06

I made cute envelopes to put the Valentines packages in (the classroom Valentines themselves are too small to mail) by following this YouTube video.

Valentine Packages with Minted 01 Valentine Packages with Minted 03

Then, realizing I didn’t have too much room to write on the back of each of them I came up with a song title that reminded me of the person or had a message I wanted to share with them. If you can read any of them, which one would be the one you want? I quoted Disney movies, musicals, boy bands, and more.

Valentine Packages with Minted 04 Valentine Packages with Minted 05

I’m still putting the final touches on the packages, but I’m really quite excited about them. Are you doing anything special for Valentine’s Day this year?

Realizing I still have to make a card for Ben. I’ll get around to that eventually…

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