Chocolate Fondue Dipper Ideas

Chocolate Fondue Dipper Ideas via Chrystina Noel

Yesterday (look at how fast that content turnaround is) I went to a celebration at Johanna & John’s house.  Ya’ll remember them, right?  The ones with the awesome party tips (part 1, part 2) & great brunch ideas.  I’ve been to a lot of parties at their house, and there’s always something to blog about when I leave whether it’s how to keep track of your party to do list or where to store the beer during a party.

Well, we’d made it all the way through appetizers and entrees yesterday and I still hadn’t found my blog post topic.  Was this going to be the end of the streak of blogging about party hosting ideas after parties at their house?  Of course not.  Little did I know they were going to pull out a chocolate fondue set next – with all the right dippers (in all the right places).  I wanted to share some of their dipper ideas with you.  Some of them were very basic – like bananas, strawberries, and marshmallows – and some of them were a litle bit more creative.

Oh, and I definitely thought that top left image was sausage until I asked what it actually was.  There was, however, still a meat option.  Check out this list of chocolate fondue dipper ideas:

The Best Chocolate Fondue Dipper Ideas for your next party via Chrystina Noel.

So next time you have a fondue party make sure to add cookie dough, bananas, strawberries, rice krisipes treats, pretzels, bacon, marshmallows, cherries,pineapple, biscotti, sugar wafers, mandarin oranges, and cinnamon toast eggos to your shopping list. The bacon was definitely a crowd favorite – and I think my favorite of the day was the cinnamon toast eggos.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to try the cookie dough (it really did look too much like sausage for me), but when I asked one of the girls what she thought her first answers was “sweet” – so if you’re looking to satisfy all of your sweet tooth cravings, that just might be the way to go.

PS. For more dessert party ideas, click here.

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